An inside on Placer High Schools newest campus monitor

Sarah Valdez shares her thoughts and feeling towards placer.

Sarah Valdez standing with some of Placer High Schools students

Sarah Valdez standing with some of Placer High Schools students

Story by Allyson Mickel, Messenger Staff Writer

Placer has had its share of different campus monitors throughout the years. Starting September of 2021, Sarah Valdez came to Placer High School to fill the positions of Campus Monitor, Discipline Tech, and student intervention specialist.

Valdez, our newest campus monitor, shared some inside on her life outside of Placer. “When I’m not at work I spend my time with my kids and my husband.”

Valdez has a 5-year-old and a 9-year-old. They love camping, going to the lake, and going to Fast Fridays. She also has a cosmetology license and her own tanning business, which she ran when she was a stay-at-home mom for five years.

Sarah Valdez has some more background in working in the school system. She states, “Before Placer I did work at an elementary school as a yard duty for two years, and then once my daughter started kindergarten, I went to work full time again. So I came to Placer because it seemed like something I wanted to do.” 

Valdez also shares some of her thoughts and feeling towards Placer High School stating, “I love working at Placer. It was rough at first because I was the new campus monitor and students didn’t trust me yet. However, it got better when I gained the respect of the students.”

Valdez also expressed that the only bad experience she has had at Placer is some trouble with trying to discipline students. She is not the only staff to understand this, Ashly Sandor, Placer’s Assistant Principles, agrees, stating, “There will always be problems with anyone who works with behavior on campus.¨

However, Valdez has said “For the most part, I get along with all the students and I try to help them, I am not here to be their enemy. I just make sure they are following school rules.” 

“Love me or hate me I will always help my students.”

— Sarah Valdez

Chasity Raybuck-Bonilla, one of Placer High School’s Assistant Principles, agrees that “…she is a great fit for Placer. A team of us hired her because of her history of working with elementary students for a long time and her really good recommendations. I also have known her for quite a while because she coached my son’s soccer team. We felt she was a good candidate for the position at Placer.”

Even our own Placer High School students also had lots of amazing things to say about Sarah Valdez. Kyah Write, a Placer High School sophomore, shares some kind words for Valdez, “I love Sarah! I one hundred percent think that Sarah is more fit for this job than any of the old hall monitors.”Rian Wolmack, a sophomore, states that “Sarah has become like a best friend to me over these few months. We had some arguments but figured it out. Sarah is a really great hall monitor. I love how much she wants to help us. She is constantly trying to help everyone and trying to get them on the right track.” Sarah Valdez has obviously gained the trust and respect of our Placer students.

Mila Balaban, another Placer Junior says, “I think she’s really nice and she is a good impact on this school. Some students don’t have anyone to talk to at home so she’s great for that and counselors aren’t always available to talk to so when students need someone to talk to she’s a good person to go to.”

Raybuck-Bonilla confirms that “She is someone who can build relationships with students, she can tow the line but at the same time be that kind, friendly person that students need; which is usually what we are looking for in those types of roles. I definitely think she has found her place in Placer. We are very thankful we have her.”

Throughout many interviews and thoughts from Placer High Schools students and staff, Sarah has seemed to be a great fit for Placer!