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Hillmen share their favorite vacation locations

Story by Katelyn Folk February 18, 2019

There are many fun and adventurous places across the world that families can enjoy. There are also many fun places to visit in California. Susie Rieks happily stated that “the ocean is my favorite part...

The dangers of social media

Story by Alexis Breedlove February 18, 2019

With 2019 quickly approaching, social media constantly impacts more lives on the daily. Although social media is very popular, there are also significant dangers that surround the seemingly harmless applications....

Placer art teachers share their influence through art

Placer art teachers share their influence through art

Story by Hannah Yazdi, Opinions Editor February 18, 2019

The art hall at Placer High School has had a long, colorful history since 1897. Teachers and students have come and gone, pieces of every medium have covered the walls of the school, and Placer has even...

Giving hope back to the holiday season

Story by Katelyn Folk December 18, 2018

Izzy Dunchin, sophomore, proudly stated, “I think both the Thanksgiving food drive and Christmas toy drive are done to give families who need a little extra help the help they need. It’s important...

Placer's senior prodigies share their talents

Placer’s senior prodigies share their talents

Story by Hanna Yazdi November 1, 2018

  Sometimes you hear one say, “I’m not good at anything,” when they’re asked about something they’re good at; which is typically followed with something along the lines of, “Everyone’s...

Climate change and plastic pollution is causing detrimental damage to the earth we inhabit

Climate change and plastic pollution is causing detrimental damage to the earth we inhabit

November 1, 2018

By Alexis Porterfield Messenger Staff Writer   Planetary pollution and drastic climate change are issues that affect every country and every person on this planet. This is an issue that absolutely...

Ryan Santos: Fall is the best time of year

Ryan Santos: Fall is the best time of year

September 28, 2018

Since September is already beyond its halfway point at the time of writing this column, I would like to articulate some of the reasons I am super stoked to FALL into the best time of the year.   First...

Hanna Yazdi: The Greatful Dead's influence

Hanna Yazdi: The Greatful Dead’s influence

September 25, 2018

Not to sound like a worn, cliché teenager; but alongside all the youthful, unparalleled people out there that are obsessed with music, I prioritize music as one of the most important aspects of my life....

Tyler Jacques Column

Tyler Jacques Column

September 25, 2018

Authenticity is difficult to accomplish. Even if we attempt it, as a society, we are molded by our surroundings, makings true authenticity beyond difficult to accomplish. Few people have remained genuine...

The lip sync battle versus the color dance

September 25, 2018

Katelyn Folk Messenger Staff Writer   After last fall’s color dance performance was deemed too inappropriate, administration planned to replace the Placer Hillmen tradition with a lip sync...

Online drivers ed. classes may be the best option

October 27, 2015

By Julia Lindbloom Messenger Staff Writer Many new underclassman will soon embark on their journey to get their permit and Placer students share their experiences with different methods of learning...

Dress code more relaxed in high school compared to Jr. High

October 27, 2015

By Lexi Extein Messenger Staff Writer   It seems as if there will never be a clear dress code accepted, under-stood, and respected by students, teachers, and staff members at Ev Cain...

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