Placer’s closed campus lunch rumors put to rest

    With the opening of the Learning Commons/Cafeteria, several rumors and concerns have circulated around Placer High School’s campus questioning whether or not it would remain open.


“Nothing of what I’ve heard says that we’re going to close the campus.”

— Randy Ittner, Placer High Principal

Mr. Ittner said in response to being asked if there are any plans in the near future to. 

     Many people speculated that the possibility of off-campus lunch ending would be in correlation with the brand new cafeteria, which is estimated to be done roughly by the end of 2022. The new Learning Commons/Cafeteria will provide students with not only a place to eat and study but also a place to socialize amongst their peers.

      Mr. Ittner, Placer High Schools’ principal, explained that the hope is for more students to choose to eat on campus because of all the new amenities rather than forcing students to eat on campus. He went on to say how closing the campus would be difficult considering how our campus is designed.

      Students have expressed their anger and confusion as to why the campus would be closed, feeling very strongly that an open campus is a part of what makes Placer so unique. “I think that’s kinda stupid, I mean students are going to leave either way.” Student, Mila Balaban, said after being asked how she felt about the campus closing during lunch.

      Additionally, Placer Alumni have supported an open campus as they shared their opinions on the thought of the campus being closed. “As an alumnus and as far as a tradition I think it would be sad. I think having an open campus really helps our students gain a level of maturity and respect that a closed campus doesn’t allow,” Kaija Perkins-Uno, said as she voiced her opinion on the matter.  She went on to say that “having an open campus is a wonderful opportunity for students to grow and to feel independent.”.

     However many parents and staff members have shown concern with an open campus, the main one being the wellbeing and safety of students. Many parents tend to wonder if student drivers are exercising caution when they quickly drive from school to their destination in under 40 minutes. When speaking of the topic Ittner expressed that “the biggest scary thing about it is students driving. They’re driving too fast, driving to get to places to eat.”

     While an open campus does allow for students to be independent it also leaves students’ safety out of the schools’ control. Perkins-Uno shared her thoughts saying, “when you’re all in one place it’s typically safer.”  She explained that it is easier for staff to ensure students’ safety when they are all present on campus.

     Placer teacher, Brittany Haydon, also shared how she felt that when students leave campus “students lose a little bit in terms of community”. She went on to say how if Placer wanted to promote students staying on campus they could offer, “more activities and fun so that it’s a place where people want to converse and be with their friends.”

     With Placer High School’s new additions in the upcoming year, the off-campus lunch option will continue to be an option for students.