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California residents argue to have a new state created

California residents argue to have a new state created

November 1, 2018

By Jacob Barnidge Messenger Staff Writer   In California’s northern half, many people want to break away and create their own state called Jefferson. The history of the movement goes back to 1941. It was started due to the farmers in Northern California and Southern Oregon feeling mistr...

“Notes of Hope” offers support

November 1, 2018

By Alayna Fraser Messenger Staff Writer   Many leaders in our community have stepped up to help post notes of hope on the Foresthill Bridge between Auburn and Foresthill. Since the bridge’s construction in 1973, there have been 87 deaths by suicide on the bridge but Brittney Hendrick...

Is Placer missing the ‘green’ in green and gold?

Is Placer missing the 'green' in green and gold?

September 25, 2018

Emmalee Dann Messenger Staff writer   There are many ways to be environmentally friendly in a school setting. With some minor changes to Placer campus, the school can contribute to a cleaner world.   While paper towels cut energy use by 40%, they also contribute 56 grams of c...

RV on Placer’s Campus: Where is it Now?

September 21, 2018

Ethan Rodrigues Editor-in-chief   What began as the case of an abandoned recreational vehicle grew into a lasting eyesore for Placer High School and the surrounding area. Not only was this vehicle illegally parked in Placer’s staff parking section, hogging valuable parking spaces, ...

Bill to push back school start time vetoed by governor Brown

Students jokingly show morning fatigue.

September 19, 2018

Alayna Fraser Messenger Staff Writer   Have you ever felt your eyelids drooping during your first period class? Have you nodded off and almost fell out of your desk? Maybe you have even waken up in a pool of your own drool? Whatever the case, it seems that many students are struggling to...

Students share mixed feelings on distant learning classes

Placer students can view Del Oro students (above), and Colfax students in distant learning classes.

September 11, 2017

In recent years at Placer High, the foreign language department, more specifically, French 3, has offered distance learning to Students in Del Oro who do not have access to the class on their campus. This new addition includes a large screen where students from Del Oro can see into the classroom, while...

Homecoming court nominations to be selected by Placer teachers for second consecutive year

Homecoming court nominations to be selected by Placer teachers for second consecutive year

September 11, 2017

Jamie Stroud Editor-in-Chief   As Homecoming approaches, many students are worried about the new way the Homecoming court is decided. Before last year, students nominated their peers the week before Homecoming to create the court of nominees then students would vote out of those people f...

Placer Union High School district conserving water during historic drought.

Grass near the senior lawn is no longer watered during California’s history drought.

October 27, 2015

By Katy Schwab Messenger Staff Writer As Placer continues to suffer a drought, water consuming activities are ideally, in need of mitigation. Placer county is encouraging that hoses have stop nozzles and to always check for leaks. In Roseville being caught with a leaking hose can result in a fine...

New Businesses and their effect on public traffic

October 27, 2015

By Alli Judd Messenger Staff Writer   With several new businesses arriving in Auburn, the city is buzzing. Everywhere you go, new construction is underway. These new businesses are expected to be chain stores and restaurants, but could this lead to an increase in traffic throughout Auburn? "Highway...

Human fossil discovery in Africa may be the greatest find in the last 50 years

October 27, 2015

Story by Anna Clayton Messenger Staff   Human evolution and how humans came to be has always been a mystery, a question that has always needed answering. It’s a puzzle, and recently another piece has been uncovered. Fossils found in Africa were just discovered to have been the earliest...

Auburn’s growing homeless population may be effecting homeowners and businesses

“Art”, has been homeless for three years after losing his job and wife.

October 13, 2015

By Demi Brown Messenger Staff Writer The homeless rate in Auburn has soared and is causing local homeowners to create their own assumptions about the increasing population. “Some have sincerely come across bad times, however a big percentage could work if they want too,” said Kyle Corley,...

Controversial T-shirts slipping under the radar at Placer

Controversial shirts such as the one pictured above can be seen worn by a few Placer males and appear to go unnoticed by faculty.

October 13, 2015

Although dress code is not overly enforced at Placer High School, there might be some shirts sliding through that can be taken as disrespectful to many different people around campus. The dress code for boys has known to be lenient. But, what about those t-shirts that depict half naked girls in a sexual...

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