AI creates new methods of Cheating

Story by Colin Garrett, Staff Writer

General Knowledge about an AI used to write prompts and solve questions, has been spreading throughout the education system.

Teachers have been concerned about how this AI can be used for cheating. By giving the bot, ChatGPT, a prompt, it can write essays or answer questions. Some students have been using the bot to write their assignments for them instead of writing it themselves. School staff and students across America are already aware of its use.

Some students find banning ChatGPT unnecessary, and rather see it as a tool. They view it as something they can use to save time on stuff they may already know, or a base to jump off of instead of writing a whole essay from scratch.

¨It’s like the equivalent of calculators. When they were first introduced they were originally banned and scrutinized by teachers” said an anonymous Placer sophomore. “But nowadays we accept them as the tools they are.” 

While some students may have been using the bot, some say it isn’t a good idea to use an AI to write their articles, due to the odd nature of the bots writing. The bot uses the same format, and can get repetitive quickly. It also links to other articles as sources, with said articles sometimes having little to do with the subject it is writing about. 

 “It just kinda repeats itself over and over again with slightly different word choice but it’s pretty easy to spot – It’s not very convincing,” said junior Ryan Kratzschmar.

“It’s pretty easy to know between quick writes when something is not written in someone’s voice,¨ said English teacher Ryan Miller. 

The future remains uncertain about the impact of ChatGPT on the education system. Catching good users can sometimes be difficult if they edit out the repetitive parts. A bot that tries to spot ChatGPT’s writing has been created, but with limited success. Cheating remains to be hard to catch, and with so many essays being turned in, teachers may not be able to carefully look for proof that the AI wrote it.

“So if teachers are concerned by cheating at this point we can always go back to pencil and paper,” said computer teacher Don Isbell. 

While ChatGPT has been gaining popularity, questions remain about its reliability and credibility. Some people view it as a tool, and others see it as a bad idea for writing. Actually catching users has been challenging, and its impact on the education system remains uncertain.