Improvements needed for classroom announcement speaker system

Story by Natalia Merck, Messenger Staff Writer

Placer high schools announcement system seems to be lacking in quality according to students and teachers.

Lately, Placer’s announcements have been very bad quality. The distorted announcements have made it difficult for teachers and students to understand.

While the system is outdated, it is unknown the exact cause of the sudden drop in quality. “It has been a frustration that I’ve voiced… I think we’ll be in good shape soon,” said Principal Kyle Turner regarding when an update will be implemented.

“One thing I always try to do is communicate a lot using the announcements whether it’s about the golden tickets or giveaways, so I do think the district is looking for new systems,” says Turner.

Placer High School relies a lot on the classroom speakers to be able to get news to the students. Very important information varies from sports to clubs to events happening on campus.

Placer senior Alex Belles is the feminist club president who wants her information about her club such as what time it is happening and events being held to get out to the whole school. “I feel disheartened like my effort is being used on a very small audience when I know there are many people that would like to be involved if only they could be aware of what the club is doing,” said Belles.

This is a big struggle for club leaders because they need their information to get out to students that may be interested in joining their club.

Because this information isn’t getting out to the school, clubs have put up posters and asked teachers to advocate for the events instead.

The announcements also affect the teachers here at Placer.

“Usually, I make sure to check emails or look at the posters around campus for upcoming activities instead of listening to them,” added ASL teacher Natalie Mederios.

“We can not understand anything being said over the announcements, even when the class is silent,” states math teacher Kathleen Long. “It’s more annoying than distracting, you hear noise and want to understand what is being said, but nothing comes out clearly.”