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Covid-19 has impacted students’ mental health more than previously thought

Story by Sophie Stubbert, Messenger Staff Writer March 9, 2021

It's no secret that COVID has had a huge impact on young kids and teenagers. Kids ages 8-18 have been struggling greatly with mental health issues. These numbers have gone up drastically since the virus...

Distance learning has made it easier for students to cheat

Story by Sierra Delp, Editor-in-Chief March 9, 2021

The Coronavirus pandemic brought online learning, but with it cheating quickly influxed. However, disagreements on why and what this means for students arise. Placer English teacher Erin Lee explained...

PE is a struggle this year online and in-person students.

Physical education online a challenge for students and teachers

Story by Lianess Williams, Staff Writer February 18, 2021

Covid-19 has drastically changed physical education in schools. With physical education online teachers can’t monitor their students like they could during in person school. Covid has caused schools...

Junior Wyatt Hamilton broke the world record for running 100 miles for anyone his age.

Placer Junior Wyatt Hamilton sets world record mark

Story by Delaney Stetka, Staff Writer February 18, 2021

Placer High School is the home of a new world record holder. In December, Wyatt Hamilton ran 100 miles in under 23 hours, a world r ecord for anyone his age. The 17-year-old junior has been running...

Covid 19 athletic restrictions eased allowing some high school sports to begin

Covid 19 athletic restrictions eased allowing some high school sports to begin

Story by Rachel Edwards, Staff Writer February 15, 2021

After nearly a year of Covid-related high school sports cancellations, Placer High School started select practices last month. High school sports schedules were disrupted in 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions....

Placer's updated cafeteria projected completion date in early 2022

Placer’s updated cafeteria projected completion date in early 2022

Story by Sierra Delp, Editor-In-Chief February 9, 2021

The updated Learning Commons- or cafeteria- will become a new and important feature on Placer’s campus despite the distant projected completion date. Placer Union High School District assistant...

Placer art teachers share their influence through art

Placer art teachers share their influence through art

Story by Hannah Yazdi, Opinions Editor February 18, 2019

The art hall at Placer High School has had a long, colorful history since 1897. Teachers and students have come and gone, pieces of every medium have covered the walls of the school, and Placer has even...

Local cat shelter due to shut down will leave many animals without a much needed home

Story by Alyssa Gross December 18, 2018

  Have you ever wanted a cat? Maybe this is the “purrfect” opportunity to find a best friend that you need, or maybe convince your parents to let you help these cats. The Friends Forever, a...

Photography gains new feel as new teacher takes over

Story by Katelyn Folk December 18, 2018

As may not be known by some students and parents, Jason Long is the new teacher for Placer’s Photography class. Photography could be an interesting new learning experience for many students at Placer....

100 years ago: events that shaped the world

Story by Anna Petrovich December 18, 2018

Although many inspirational quotes tell us to “live in the moment,” some of us forget the most important things that have happened in the past. Our world 100 years ago held many important events and...

Placer’s yearbook: an age old school tradition

Placer’s yearbook: an age old school tradition

Story by Alayna Fraser December 18, 2018

From 1902 to 2019, Placer’s Yearbook staff has been working endlessly to piece together a yearbook that encapsulates every accomplishment and memory made at Placer High School. Dan Wilson, Yearbook and...

Local high schools engage in an internet “meme war”

Story by Ryan Santos December 18, 2018

Throughout the past few years, memes have been the basis of humor on the internet. Social media and text conversations have filled with these videos and images. Finally, the seal between schools and memes...

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