Issues with Placer bathrooms need to be resolved

Story by Lydia La Barbera, Messenger Staff Writer

Student deciding whether or not the art hall bathroom is worth going in.


Bathrooms on Placer High School campus are being mistreated by students.

The bathrooms on the PHS campus have been used as more of a place to skip class – or hang out – than being used for their initial purpose.

“Bathrooms need to be a place of privacy,“ says Ashley Sandor, vice principal of Placer High, “Unfortunately, students use the privacy of a bathroom for the wrong reasons.”

Every student on campus knows that we have a bathroom issue at Placer, it goes as far as some students avoiding using the bathrooms altogether. 

“It’s so annoying when girls in the nasty bathrooms judge me for peeing in there,” Ava Wood stated, a student at Placer, “Bathrooms aren’t hangout spots.”

Despite this being known by students, faculty still can’t keep kids out of using the bathrooms for nefarious reasons.

“We are aware that there is a lot of vaping and vandalism,” stated Sandor, “but keeping students from mistreating bathrooms is harder than it sounds.”

The infamous TikTok trend referred to as “the devious lick” are one of the things that sparked the vandalism aspect on bathrooms, and this particular trend hit Placer’s campus hard.

In fact, there is still a broken toilet in the math hall girl’s bathroom from the fad. 

Even though this trend has died out for most schools, bathrooms on campus are still being vandalized.

This problem is plain to anyone who steps in a school bathroom, but the real question is – when is action going to be taken against it?

“We do our best to keep our bathrooms clean,” explained Sandor, “We’re trying to improve them with each passing day.”

Students that are suspected to be smoking or doing drugs in school bathrooms are taken to a separate room and searched privately by a staff member and have the option to either take a class on the dangers of nicotine or are required to pay a fine.

This as much staff is able to do at the moment, it is a difficult situation to fix, seeing as how you can’t kick someone out of a bathroom.

What is mostly disagreeing with students is how uncomfortable it feels to be in one of the bathrooms.

“It’s amazing how every time I walk in the art hall bathroom, I get the death stare from every girl in there.” expressed Zuri Whitfield, a student. “It makes me never want to use school bathrooms.”

This is one of the main grievances expressed by students, which isn’t fair. Kids should feel able to go in the bathroom and see it as a safe and comfortable space, sadly, this is typically not the case. 

It is unknown if and when any of theseh issues will be fixed, but students and faculty members are hoping the problem will be resolved with time.

In the meantime, It is expected that students treat campus bathrooms with respect – as well as the people in them.