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Canvas vs Google Classroom: Which is better?


Students at Placer High are used to using Google Classroom, Canvas, or both. The question is, what’s better?

As the 2023-2024 academic school year kicks off, high school students are weighing in on their preferred online learning platforms, with a clear divide emerging between freshmen and upperclassmen. The choice between Google Classroom and Canvas is sometimes debated among students.

Freshman, who are just beginning their careers at Placer High, seem to have a strong bias toward Google Classroom. The platform’s familiarity and user-friendly interface have earned it favor among this group of students. Many freshmen mentioned that they were already really used to Google Classroom from their middle school years.

 “I really like Google Classroom because I’ve been using it since elementary school,”  said freshman Lucas Kikosicki.  “It’s really easy to navigate, and I know where everything is.”

Google Classrooms’ straightforward layout and easy assignment submissions are praised by many freshmen. The platform’s simplicity is seen as a strength. Students’ voices are the most important part of this debate bringing a diversity of preferences with students defending their chosen platforms. Freshmen argue that Google Classrooms’ simplicity allows them to focus on their studies.

However, upperclassmen, who have more experience using both platforms, seem to have different perspectives. While some people enjoy the simplicity of Google Classroom, others argue that Canvas offers an overall better educational experience. Students mentioned that at first, Canvas was a bit overwhelming but grew on them over time. 

One sophomore, Quinton Daniels, said, “I like Classroom but I think it lacks important qualities that Canvas has. I like Canvas more because it has more information and it’s easier for me to manage my things.”

Students aren’t the only ones discussing this topic, but teachers are too. Some teachers appreciate Google Classrooms’ simplicity for managing assignments and communication with students, while others prefer Canvas for its learning management capabilities. On top of that, most colleges usually use Canvas as opposed to Google Classroom.

It is also crucial to note that both Google Classroom and Canvas offer different advantages. Google Classroom’s simplicity and easy-to-use mechanics make it a great option for beginners, allowing students to find everything they need easily without being intimidated by a complex interface.

On the other hand, Canvas provides a more robust learning experience, offering advanced features that can enhance the educational experience for students who are looking for a more interactive and structured learning environment.

In the end, the choice between Google Classroom and Canvas ultimately just comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of each classroom. The debate highlights the importance of providing students with tools that support their individual learning styles and needs.


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