Are girls sports at Placer underrepresented?

Are female sports getting the same attention as their male counterparts


Story by Addie Buckingham, Messenger Staff Writer

Placer High School has a very strong athletic program. There are many different sports teams for both boys and girls, but do some get more attention than the other? More funds? Better playing conditions?

An example of girls sports being underrepresented at Placer was shown from the very beginning of the year. The morning announcements during second block tell us about upcoming events and activities happening on campus. Although few girls sports started at the same time as the school year did, when the everyday announcements went by and the sports were being announced, there were very few times when the information about the girls sports was shared, and/or accurate. 

In some cases, boys sports are favored over girls sports, even when it’s the same sport. Basketball is a good example of where the representation doesn’t differ because the game is different, but because boys are playing and girls are playing. Although the girls varsity basketball team made it farther into the playoffs than the boys varsity basketball team, they both received the same amount of praise. Although both teams deserve an immense amount of praise for their hard work and dedication, the girls season was not over yet, and their support should have continued into the final games of the season.

The idea of Rally Girls is another example of boys varsity basketball having more support than girls varsity basketball. Why is there no Rally Boys for girls basketball? If one team gets them, why not the others? Not to mention the role that gender plays in this situation. Why Rally Girls? Why not Rally Boys for boys basketball? Why not just call them Rally People?

Another issue surrounding this topic is the difference in playing conditions for boys and girls that play the same sport. As the girls varsity basketball team played their final games of the playoffs, the construction of the Earl Crabbe Gym started. Although the boys varsity basketball team had an amazing season, if they had made it further into the playoffs would the construction have been pushed back so that the final games could have been played on their home court? 

Baseball and softball season is starting up. Each baseball team has very nice fields with storage sheds for the players equipment, and equipment for the fields. The softball team, however, has very little to go off of. The equipment, down to the batting tees, is falling apart. The JV softball field had no bases for almost a month, and the backstop is falling apart. There are not even proper bleachers for people to watch the game on. If one team or sport gets proper equipment, even if it is just the bare minimum, every other team should be supplied the same. 

In conclusion, there are big differences in boys and girls sports at Placer. Each team for each sport works hard season after season. The least that supporters, families, students, and others involved could do is make sure they’re each supplied with what they need to do what they love.