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Skateboarding on campus

Story by Taylor Wright, Messenger Staff Writer/ Business Manager

December 20, 2013

Have you seen the skateboards rolling all over Placer’s campus? I have. In my opinion I find that skateboards are useful but, if the person on them is careless, then there could be major fatalities. The skateboards are no longer allowed on campus so I haven’t seen them as much. This would be a...

Being different comes with judgement

Story by Avery Engelstad, Staff Writer

December 20, 2013

Ever since we were kids we were told not to judge a book by its cover, but nowadays everyone is acting like its totally okay to judge someone just by their appearance. People are mostly judged on their physical appearance because it tells people who they really are and some people might not except ...

Should books be banned from the library

Story by Avery Engelstad, Staff Writer

December 20, 2013

Students at this school are actually very fortunate to have a library as big as the one at Placer.  Most schools have the government buying books for their libraries; where Placer gives students the freedom to choose what you want to read without any real restrictions. “I think we should be able to re...

Petition to remove ‘Blurred Lines’

Story by Kayla Brazzil, Messenger Staff Writer

December 13, 2013

On change.org, offended people from all over the country have issued a petition to remove Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” music video from YouTube. Anyone who has seen the video has usually reacted as either disgusted, uncomfortable, or couldn’t care less, but other viewers have only begun to se...

How Highschool Relationships work

Story by Avery Engelstad, Messenger Staff Writer

November 8, 2013

  Why even get into a high school relationship?  What is so amazing about being with another person that people are just dying to get into a relationship?  Not everyone are but about 99% of teens these days are looking for a relationship.  When you are 14 or 15 what is the most you can do i...

New generation growing more slowly than previous

Story by Julia Lindbloom, Messenger Staff Writer

October 28, 2013

Baby boomers are planning to retire and are counting on the weak, new generation, but is the new generation able to fill and maintain the workplace? Our population is declining do to population aging, lower levels of immigration, declining fertility rates largely related to abortion according to the...

Powderpuff theme creates controversy on & off the field

Story by Jamie Erickson, Messenger Staff Writer

October 25, 2013

  The Annual Powder Puff game at Placer High School is a crazy football game where senior boys and girls trade places , boys are cheerleaders, and the girls are football players.The ladies need team names and the boys need someone to cheer for! So many choices to choose from Cowboys and Indians,...

Is Marching Band a Sport

October 17, 2013

With a marching band of just under one hundred, Placer High School is home to many music students. Some of these students honestly believe that marching is a sport.  Previous band members do not agree, such as Megan Tribur, a junior, who participated in band from middle school to sophomore year, and...

Siblings on campus has its ups and downs

Story by Jamie Erickson, Messenger Staff Writer

October 16, 2013

Many Students at Placer High School have siblings or relatives that also go to Placer. How do you think those students feel? What do they do when they see their relatives or siblings? Some students hate it, some students love it and some students don't care. Emily Geil tells me her feelings on havi...

There is not enough room for prisoners in mental hospitals

Story by Ali Pierson, Staff Writer

October 7, 2013

Prisoners with mental health illnesses should stay in prison, due to the shortage of mental care facilities. Mental health treatment facilities are too expensive and the state should not need to move the mentally ill into these facilities. 72 percent of male prisoners and 70 percent of female prisoners...

Precalculus fails to adequately prepare students for calculus

Precalculus fails to adequately prepare students for calculus

Story by Kailee Warren, Staff writer

December 18, 2012

Calculus AB and BC are one of the most challenging classes at Placer High School; students must remember everything that they learned in previous math classes. Since precalculus and trigonometry have been squished into one quarter on the four by four systems, students in calculus are having difficulties...

Young voting, 18 years is too long to wait for a voice

Story by Holly Hockett, Messenger Staff Writer

November 30, 2012

TheUnited   Stateswas founded on democracy and equality, and yet there are thousands of informed, passionate people who still can’t vote. Anyone under the age 18 cannot vote, and the voting age needs to be lowered to 16 so that young people can help decide the leaders who will tax us, represent us,...

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