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Obama pushes to lengthen the school year by a month

Story by Morgan Terry, Staff Writer

October 22, 2010

We all know that U.S. schools are not as well educated and not as long as foreign schools.  Our schools have fallen behind in math and science and Obama thinks that the future of our country is at stake. He proposed to make the school years longer in the U.S. in March of 2009. Currently, U.S. schools...

Newly Discovered Planet Shows Possibility of Life

Story by Koal Swisley, Staff Writer

October 20, 2010

After decades of searching for planets that may hold life, astronomers say they might have found one. The Planet lies in the Goldilocks Zone and has been given the name Gliese 581g.   In recent weeks a researching team released their discovery of the planet.  The earth sized planet is in a ...

European terrorism

Story by Jack Hatherly, Staff Writer

October 20, 2010

The Eiffel Tower was evacuated September 28th after a terrorist bomb threat; but no explosive device was found. Police tapped into a short wave radio conversation between two men discussing attacking the Eiffel tower with a bomb. The day before the Eiffel Tower incident, French police closed and secured...

Pantaleoni to retire after 14 years at Placer

Story by Ali Dunaway, Staff Writer

October 1, 2010

“People have commented on his BBQ skills, but I think what he has brought to campus is the true commitment to the school,” expressed Steve Prather. Gary Pantaleoni has been our Vice Principal for 14 years and has put the rumor to rest, that he indeed is planning to retire at the end of this year. He...

Budget cuts effecting AP classes

Story by Amy Classon, Staff Writer

October 1, 2010

With more and more budget cuts being made at Placer High School, some classes are having a hard time staying afloat. If not enough students’ sign up, classes could potentially be dropped. Many AP (Advanced Placement) teachers are finding themselves struggling to keep their student numbers high enough. A...

Staff Switch

September 28, 2010

Any drama, psychology, or environmental studies student was greeted on their first day of a school by surprise. Drama students met the newest addition to our Hillmen staff, Lori Ibrahim, those social studies students were greeted by our very own Jason Long. “She’s different,” said Junior and veteran...

Wal-Mart: new news to Auburn

Story by Hannah Burgard, Staff Writer

September 23, 2010

  There have been rumors that a Wal-Mart might be coming to North Auburn. It is true that Placer County is debating this and that a Wal-Mart would be put into the Bohemia site off of Highway 49, a little bit outside of the Auburn city limits. This would be right near the new Mel’s Diner and Uncle...

Freshmen to be the only grade runnning the mile

Story by Christina Lehigh, Staff Writer

September 21, 2010

Here at Placer High School we are required to do two years of P.E. and part of that requirement is running the mile. However this year only freshman students have to run the mile more than once a week.  In America today some of the most common problems are heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure,...

Hurricane Earl: student remembers the devastation from Katrina

Story by Kirstin Schauble, Staff Writer

September 20, 2010

One of our students here at Placer High School, Yadé Huntsberry, understands the devastation and destruction Hurricane Earl caused on the east coast in the past couple of weeks. Just five years back, she and her family were part of Hurricane Katrina and managed to flee the day before it hit.  “My...

Placer mourns the loss of cafeteria worker, Debra Foree

Placer mourns the loss of cafeteria worker, Debra Foree

Story by Allison Alvarez, Staff Writer

September 20, 2010

Debra Foree, who worked as a Placer High School cafeteria lady for eight years, passed away this past June by complications from her gastric bypass surgery that she had five years ago. Co-worker Lila McAllister described her as “Life of the party”. Debra was known and loved by many students ...

Students debate freedom of expression over cancer bracelets

Students debate freedom of expression over cancer bracelets

Story by Jamie Schlenker, Staff Writer

September 20, 2010

                From the memorable pink ribbon to the “Save the Ta-tas” shirts, breast cancer awareness is something that Americans have been concerned with for some time. But the recent “I heart boobies” bracelets have caused some people to take offense. The “I heart boob...

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