Athletes prepare for the spring sports season

Story by Emma Villanueva, Sports Editor

With spring sports starting, athletes are excited to play in a somewhat normal sports season. Sports like baseball, softball, boys volleyball, and track are beginning, and athletes have lots of ambitious goals and hopes for the season. 

Softball is in full swing, and players are extremely excited about their future season. In their first two winning games alone they have scored more points than they had all of last season. 

Senior Emma Thornton is hopeful for the softball season, especially with the new talent from the underclassmen coming in. “I feel good about the team this year, we have four freshmen on the team that are really good and we haven’t had that in the past two years, it’s good having good players come in, it makes our team stronger.”

In contrast to the Covid season, softball athletes are not required to wear masks, and it makes playing the game a lot easier. Thornton says the elimination of having to quarantine is also helping out the team this season. “It’s really nice to not have to wear masks this season or have to worry about quarantining. It was a hard year last year losing strong players to quarantining, but this year not having to worry about things gives us extra security.”

Boys volleyball has also begun, and athletes have high hopes for the success of the team this season. Junior Javier Quintero believes the team can improve a lot more, but overall they are a strong team. His goal for the season is to not have a losing record.

Quintero states that it is both different and similar from the Covid season they played in last year. “It feels different because we have more games and if we play well hopefully we can go to the playoffs.”

New players have also joined the boys volleyball team, and there has been a lot of improvement on the team.

“The new players have learned quickly and they are doing good. We had our first scrimmage and I think we did good, besides not communicating,” Quintero says. 

Track athletes have begun racing, and there is a big race that they will be attending on March 4th. Freshman Julian Lewondowski says, “I feel really great about this season. We have a really great team, and this is my first year doing track and I’m really excited.”

Lewondowski ran a forty-six second hurdle race, and set a freshman record. His goal for the season is to get better in shape while improving his racing form. 

Baseball has also begun, and players from all levels are eager to start a winning season. JV player Billy Bear believes the team is very solid and is feeling good about the season. 

Bear has big goals for himself and the team, “My goals are to get MVP and have a winning team that will make state.”

There are a lot of changes compared to playing during a Covid season, “We have more practices, we don’t have days off, and we don’t have to quarantine which is nice,” Bear says.  Overall, spring athletes are hopeful and have big goals for their upcoming successful season.