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US students are in school significantly less than other countries

November 24, 2014

By Finn Thomas Messenger Staff Writer   In the countries of this world there are a wide variety of education systems. How do these separate systems affect the societies around them and the achievements they make? Here at Placer, students go to school for 180 days a year, which is also...

Placer County Fair May Move to Auburn

October 29, 2014

By Lacie McArdle Messenger Staff Writer   The Placer County Fair has previously been held in Roseville during June, but there is a possibility for it to be moved to the Auburn fairgrounds. The Gold Country Fair will also be put on as usual in the early fall.  The previous location of the Placer C...

Placer offers clubs for all types of students interests

Story by Haley McKee, Messenger Staff Writer

October 7, 2013

Students that are interested in getting involved and making a difference in their community, may not know of the many service clubs at Placer High School. The Key Club, Leo’s Club, and Interactive Club are great clubs to get involved in while you are still at Placer. “I think service helps teens fee...

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