Placer County Fair May Move to Auburn

By Lacie McArdle

Messenger Staff Writer


The Placer County Fair has previously been held in Roseville during June, but there is a possibility for it to be moved to the Auburn fairgrounds. The Gold Country Fair will also be put on as usual in the early fall.

 The previous location of the Placer County Fair was convenient, so why might it be moved to Auburn?

“‘It was a great location 61 years ago… Is it still a great location?’” asked Placer County District 5 Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery, according to the Auburn Journal.

Placer County District 3 Supervisor Jim Holmes concluded that location is a vital factor in determining where to hold Placer County Fair. Surprisingly, the Placer County Fair has been making less and less money each year. Would moving the fair to Auburn bring in more revenue?

 Responding to the request of moving the fair made by the Board of Supervisors, the Department of Facility Services and Consultant RCH Group requested an assessment to be done determining if the Auburn Fairgrounds could sustain the Placer County Fair. “The primary objective of this assessment is to evaluate the long-term economic viability of a flexible community recourse…,” said the Department of Facility Services and Consultant RCH Group.

Montgomery concluded Auburn Fairgrounds could accommodate the needs of the Placer County Fair, possibly allowing the Placer County Fair to change their venue.

However, there is an unidentified issue with this implementation. Would people attend either or both of the fairs?

“I think if they have some different attractions, people will be interested in seeing what is going on at both of the fairs, so a lot of people would show up,” says Natalie Madrigal, a Placer High school Freshman.

She also reasoned the fairs are spread out enough so students would have plenty of time to be able to save up for and afford both fairs.

“I know a lot of people including me like the fair, so I think it would be a lot of fun to have two fairs.”

“I think that most people would be more interested in going to the Gold Country Fair because it’s your hometown fair and a lot of teenagers have been going there since they were little. If they could afford both though, I’m sure they would go to the Gold Country Fair and the Placer County fair,” says Danielle Eich, Placer High student.

Fairs have been a popular and cultured event in Auburn since 1889, with the Gold Country Fair being established in 1977, but it seems that students would enjoy an additional fair in the summer.