Trashcans were used as bathrooms during the lockdown

Jamie Stroud

Messenger Staff Writer

During the lockdown on Friday many of the normal everyday things that we need to do to survive were put on hold. Things like going to the bathroom and even eating.

When the lockdown started on Friday October 27, many were wondering when it would end so they could get to extended lunch. Only later would they find out that there would be no lunch, 4th period, or even after school sports. Many students were even packing up their backpacks when the announcement came in just minutes before the bell was set to ring for lunch. Needless to say many students were very hungry.

Not only was everyone hungry, but many had to go to the restroom. During a lockdown no one is allowed to leave the room or unlock the doors. Within the first half an hour many students were complaining about needing to go to the bathroom. Some classrooms were not evacuated until after five. That means over six hours in the same room, with no bathrooms.

Many teachers decided to create a “bathroom” within their classrooms. At first teachers stated doing this as a joke to keep things entertaining but as time went on peoples need to go to the bathroom increased. So in classes around campus people were peeing in trashcans. In Mr. Adams English class he created a semi private bathroom out of a toilet seat that is normally used as a bathroom pass. He also put a tarp up behind his desk to hide the “bathroom” and had tissues as toilet paper.

Some may think that the people that didn’t use the trashcans would make fun of the students who did. But lucky, in most cases, that didn’t happen. “On the Bathroom situation, I was so impressed… We used trashcans and the students were very mature as to not make fun or joke about the students who did. In fact, they left the situation alone and didn’t say a word and just acted very well.” Stated Tony Camillucci.

Jose Mejia Gaona, a Sophomore in Mr. Adams class, was on his way to the restroom when the announcement came in that lockdown had started, he was faced with the choice to continue to the bathroom or go back to class. Mejia Gaona decided to sprint all the way back to class to avoid being locked in the bathroom.

“I was just going to the bathroom when it started and I really didn’t want to have to lock myself in the bathroom so I just ran! But the whole lockdown I had to go pee so bad. And I had just gotten water before I started walking to the bathroom!”

In band they put a bucket inside a storage closet, and students went in there if they had to go to the bathroom. More than five kids used the bucket when they really had to go to the bathroom.

“Every person used the same bucket and just put paper towels over it after they went. Many people were saying that that is so disgusting and even if they really had to go they would never use that.” Lara Condosta states.

What if the lockdown lasted even longer than it did? More and more classes would have to make bucket bathrooms, and even more students would go hungry. In some rooms the teachers had granola bars and even space food that they gave to the students. What if each classroom had to have a few packs of crackers and granola bars, just in case something like take ever happened again, students and teachers may have a peace of mind.