Corky court cases

Jamie Stroud

Messenger Staff Writer

Over the years there have been some very odd court cases. Many wonder how some even got into the courthouse. Thousands of cases are presented to judges every day all around the world. Lots of these are so weird they are even laugh worthy.

In 1995, a prisoner named Robert Lee Brock decided he wanted to get out of prison. So he tried to sue himself for $50 million, on account that he was really drunk when he committed the crime that put him in prison. Brock was denied the claim and had to stay where he was until his sentence was over.

Another crazy case was in 2002 when a man decided to sue the hospital he was staying at after he raped another patient. He tried to get $2 million saying that the hospital did not have enough security to prevent him from raping someone in his hospital.

Sometimes the odd cases are even won, like when Jeffrey Kline and Brett Birdwell decided to try to go on a shortcut home, while walking through they accidentally touched an exposed wire and burn themselves. They sued the owner of the property and surprisingly won a conjoined $24.2 million!

Pavel M. tried to sue God, on account that he failed to keep him from the influences of the devil. The man was serving in a prison after he murdered someone. The case was dismissed before it even went to court.

In another bizarre case, a couple was getting a divorce and the man didn’t want to pay compensation so he sued his wife on grounds that she apparently stole his sperm, by not telling him she was on birth control.

There have been some very odd cases, and their defiantly will be many more in the future.