The 2022 Placer High yearbook is complete

A behind-the-scene look at the making of the “most important book on the hill.”


Photo credit: courtesy Yearbook staff

2021-2022 Placer High yearbook staff

Story by Rylee Yetka, Messenger Staff Writer

    The yearbook for the 2021-2022 school year is officially complete, thanks to the hard work of the Placer High yearbook staff. 

     After two years of a pandemic, Placer High is finally getting back to normal, which is displayed through the pictures and quotes in the yearbook. 

     “This yearbook is really great, especially after COVID, masks, and social distancing. There is just a lot of life in the book which I think students will enjoy seeing after such a hard last few school years,” said yearbook staff co-editor, Emma Thornton.  

     Events such as homecoming and many leadership events were possible this year, unlike the past two years, and are all captured in the yearbook. 

     Yearbook is a great class to take with many opportunities to meet new people from all grade levels. The staff all work together to complete the hands-on project.

     “I am excited to see students’ reaction to sections like student life, or the homecoming, and leadership page which are things that all students are involved with,” stated co-editor Jordynn Joiner, “Definitely some of the bigger challenges were keeping the staff focused and deadlines, but I would for sure recommend people to join our staff. It is an exciting process with a great group of people who always become this very tight-knit team where everyone works on this fun thing for the student body.” 

     You can order a yearbook now but there are limited books available as of now. It is a considerably large book that features everything about student life, clubs, and sports. 

     “The book is 236 pages, but by year that does fluctuate, and coming from junior high which is used to a much smaller book. It is not only 236 pages but it is also a 9×12 inch sized book, it’s a large book. Students can still order the yearbook, right now as of April 5th we have 72 books remaining, our staff has sold out the last six years, so once we are sold out they are gone we can’t order more,” explained the yearbook staff advisor, Dan Wilson.

     Yearbooks will be handed out to seniors on May 18th and the rest of the school on May 19th. It is a great way to capture memories from that school year. 

     “It’s really fun handing them out to everyone, and feeling closer and thinking wow it really is done. Also, people’s reactions about it and everyone looking for where they are in the pages is my favorite part,” stated Thornton, “A yearbook is a great way to keep memories from high school, so I suggest that people should get them all 4 years.”

     Buying a yearbook every year of your high school experience is something that all students will cherish for years to come. Even if students believe they don’t need one now, they might regret it later. 

     “The yearbook is historic and we are documenting everything that took place during the 2nd year of the pandemic, and that’s going to be captured in the book for students to keep for the rest of their lives,” said Wilson, “So to someone that doesn’t want a yearbook, I would say students that don’t want a yearbook now always come back and ask if we have any left. Some students say I will just wait until I am a senior to buy it, but then I have seniors every year that come back and ask do you have any books from when I was a freshman, sophomore, or junior? It is good to have the entire set, and it always gets more valuable every year.”

     The yearbook staff worked incredibly hard this school year to produce a quality book for all the student body to enjoy for years to come. Their hard work and dedication show through the amazing pictures and quotes in the 2021-2022 yearbook.