Boy’s varsity soccer team making others take notice

Story by Marilyn Schackner, Hillmen Messenger Staff

With 11 wins and one loss, the boy’s varsity soccer team has high hopes for the rest of the season and making it to the playoffs. Since the beginning of the season, the team has been playing amazingly and wowing everyone who watches them compete. 

They have come through and beat some of Placer’s main rivals, fortifying the pride that Placer High has in our teams and athletics. The team redeemed themselves after a loss against Lincoln earlier in the season by beating them 2-1. One of the players, Jamison Celio, states “Winning against Lincoln really gives us the motivation we need to win the league, maybe even push through playoffs”. This win bumped them into first in the league, putting them even closer to their goal of going to the playoffs. The team has had many highlights throughout the season. The two that stick out the most is their win against Lincoln and when they won the Grizzly Cup Tournament. These wins combined put them far ahead of the other schools in the league and dealt a huge blow on our rival’s egos. 

It’s not just the team’s talent that pushes them to the top, it is also how they work together seamlessly and strategically with the help of their coach, David Brown. He has many good things to say about the team, especially about the teamwork that they demonstrate when they play together. He states, “…we have 15 seniors on the team, so, many of the players have been playing together for a few years, and some have grown up together playing soccer. We also have a strong group of underclassmen that have fit in very nicely. They have confidence, trust, and respect in each other, which is critical to success”. It’s not a drag for them to be there, they have fun and enjoy playing for the game itself and their teammates, not just the competition. Their teamwork and the healthy environment that they’ve created has made a clear impact on how well they compete and work together. The way they play makes it enjoyable for everyone, even those who know nothing about the sport. 

Even so, Brown believes that they are not yet playing to their full potential. He states, “We don’t believe we are playing our best yet. We always strive to improve and get a little better each day”. They are constantly trying to better themselves and the way they play. With three games left before the playoffs, the team is hoping to finish off the season strong, even if they don’t end up going all the way. Many count the progress that they’ve made so far to be successful enough for the season and they are being celebrated already. But if they can go to the playoffs, it will be a huge win for the whole school. The varsity soccer team has already given Placer a huge name in our league, the pressure is on for them to continue their winning streak. The student body does not doubt that they will make the school proud.