Lower level football gets less support than Varsity

By Finn Thomas

Messenger Staff Writer


Varsity football games are packed with family and students watching, and supporting the game. However, when it comes to the Junior Varsity and freshmen games, very few come compared to Varsity football game, which is right after Junior Varsity.

Hundreds of Placer students and their families go late Friday night to watch the Varsity team play at the Lefebvre Stadium here on Placer’s campus. The games generally start at 7:30 p.m. for Varsity, and a game right before occurs for Junior Varsity at 5:15. Freshman games are on Thursdays. When students start showing up it is not for the Junior Varsity game, but to see and support the Varsity Team.

“I was not on the Junior Varsity team, because my family moved up here from Southern California so I only was at Placer for two years. I played two years on the varsity team,” said Rick Solomon, and former Placer football player, for years 1977 and 1978, “I do go to the Junior Varsity games, coach Foley is a friend of mine,” Solomon continued.

Many people may not have the time to get to the Junior Varsity games in time, so they just show up to the Varsity.

“I think mostly parents of the kids and some students, but most people can’t get there in time for Junior Varsity,” Solomon stated who he noticed at the Junior Varsity games, “There is a lot more people that go to the varsity.” he concluded.

This situation has gone on for most of time. Students and family want to go to the Varsity game, because they are the highest level, just like people would rather see a Major League Baseball team, rather than a Minor League Baseball Team. Students would prefer the hang out with their friends while everyone is there, which happens to be Varsity games, and not Junior Varsity games, since it is just habit to attend the high level.

“I think it has been the same as far as you know, less people going to the Junior Varsity games,” Solomon stated.

It’s not just family and students that come and support Varsity games, the band also plays music for the players, and performs a halftime show with the cheerleaders.  An option for more support to the Junior Varsity team could be for the band to play at the games, but band students have a set schedule for Friday game nights.

“At 3:05 we meet at the field, then practice from 3:05 to 5:00, then watch a tape of our show that Mr. Lawrenson taped, and discuss it. Then we eat dinner, and change into our uniforms, then meet outside to check our uniforms. After, everyone marches in pairs to the field,” said Placer band student Alexandra Buckman.

When they finish this process, it is time for the Varsity game, which they perform at.  There is not time in between for the band to play and support for the Junior Varsity, at 5:00.

“When we leave, they come on and start warming up for the game,” continued Buckman, stating that after the band finishes practicing for their show, the Junior Varsity team comes to warm up and then continues on to play their game.

Although there is a band period every day in which the students could practice, they need the extra time Friday night for the field show to be at its best.

“If we didn’t practice from three to five and eat dinner, then our field show would not be up to par,” Buckman concluded.

Varsity games have just been generally more popular, even when Rick Solomon was on the Placer team in 1997 and 1978.  If someone was to plan to go to a Placer football game, the would probably prefer to go the highest level football at Placer, in this case, Varsity, rather than the Junior Varsity or Freshman games.