Valentines Day brings couples closer together

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It is the time of year when things get romantic and couples get closer a students at Placer High school share their feelings with each other.

Valentines Day is a day where people can have the opportunity to express their feelings for their other half more than they usually do. They give gifts, go on dates, cuddle up and watch a movie and things like that. Sometimes guys surprise their girlfriend by doing things she would never think of him doing.

“One time he bought me flowers, gifts, chocolates, and wrote me a poem,” says junior, Kayla Cave who has been dating her boyfriend Travis Duran for two and a half years on Valentines Day, “This year he’s probably coming over and spending the day with me and we will probably exchange gifts and watch movies together.”

It is also a time where guys can show their mushy side without being picked on by their fellow classmates and do something really cute for their girlfriend. In fact it gives him the opportunity to demonstrate his love for her.

“[Last Valentines Day] Matty gave me flowers and big chocolate lips and he gave me a really cute stuffed doggy which I really love,” says sophomore Christina Lehigh. She has been going out with Matt Bigley for over a year, “We are going to his house this year, but he has wont told me what he has planned.”

It isn’t always just the guys who do special things for the girls. Sometimes girls even do something for their boyfriend. Although girls are always showing how they feel, they go and do more than they usually would.

“Emily gave me a really cute love note/card [last year]” said junior, Cameron Ederer, “And I gave her a beanie baby from my childhood. This year I got an idea and all I can tell you is she’ll love it and hopefully me too.”

Not all romance is just on Valentines Day. At times, things pop into peoples’ minds and they do special things on other occasions.

“On 4th of July last year, me and Paige laid on her roof and watched the fire works. That was one of my most romantic moments with her,” said junior, Jordan Prather, “This year for Valentines Day I plan on giving her 11 roses and a wooden one, that way when the real ones die, she will always have a rose.”

One thing special my boyfriend has done for me was when I failed my driving test for my license my boyfriend, Elijah Bolas, brought me flowers to cheer me up and it worked. Last year he brought me chocolates and other cutesy little things, and we went to a movie and hung at his house. This year I have an idea and I will surprise him with what we are going to do.