The dangers of social media

Whether it be damaging to mental health or an outlet for cyberbullying, social media poses many hazards

Story by Alexis Breedlove

With 2019 quickly approaching, social media constantly impacts more lives on the daily. Although social media is very popular, there are also significant dangers that surround the seemingly harmless applications. Over time, it has become nearly impossible to go a day without hearing something about social media. Whether it be Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat, all these websites have created problems for the modern world, causing an uprise in cyberbullying, making it easier to stalk/harass people, and even leading some to become disconnected from one aspect of life or the other. In an article titled “Social Media Effect on Teens,” Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair, a clinical psychologist states, “There’s no question kids are missing out on very critical social skills. In a way, texting and online communicating—it’s not like it creates a nonverbal learning disability, but it puts everybody in a nonverbal disabled context, where body language, facial expression, and
even the smallest kinds of vocal reactions are rendered invisible.” Not only teens are subject to these effects. People, ranging from young teens to young adults, are heavily affected by the downsides of social media. The Royal Society for Public
Health conducted a survey to test what effects social media has on people who use it more often than not. “[They asked how] social media platforms impacted their health and wellbeing. The survey results found that Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all led to increased feelings of depression, anxiety, poor body image, and loneliness.” This was asked to people between the ages of 14 and 24.
While there are many downsides to Social media, it can be helpful in some situations, such as for communication with family and friends, some of which may be far away. However, people should take more caution when using social media. They should spend less time worrying about followers and likes and focus more on the world around them. In an article titled “Is social media bad for you,” Jessica Brown stated, “As with food, gambling and many other temptations of the modern age, excessive use for some individuals is probably inadvisable. But at the same time, it would be wrong to say social media is a universally bad thing because clearly, it brings a myriad of benefits to our lives.” Online media has both pros and cons. Many of the cons revolve around mental health or lack of sleep, and many of the pros revolve around the idea of sharing happiness with those who matter to oneself. When it comes to social media it shouldn’t be used as much as modern society uses it. You should spend more time thinking about what is happening in the world around you. Not the trending Twitter moment.