Giving hope back to the holiday season

Placer’s Thanksgiving food drive and Christmas toy drive extend a helpful hand to families in need.

Story by Katelyn Folk

Izzy Dunchin, sophomore, proudly stated, “I think both the Thanksgiving food drive and Christmas toy drive are done to give families who need a little extra help the help they need. It’s important because there are many people who have a lot that they take for granted and don’t fully appreciate, especially around the holidays. I think it gives people the opportunity to give back to the community in an easy way. I would do it [to] make someone else’s holiday season a little better. It helps people who cannot afford to have everything that they should be able to, and it makes them happy.” These events are very important for the community to do because it helps the less fortunate. It helps people understand that there are nice people in the world that are willing to help each other out. Erica Xiang, who lives in Olivehurst, explained how the Christmas toy drive and the Thanksgiving food drive are
important. “We do the Thanksgiving and Christmas food and toy run for families less fortunate. It’s important to show these kids and families that it’s not about what you have, but who you have in your lives that matter most. It helps others by showing there are great people in this world. It’s nice to have people to lean on in time of need.” People have different opinions and views as to why they think these events are important, and it is good that we recognize it. Julie Tricoli, freshman, expressed that, “We do the food drive because it makes us feel good, to feel like we’re helping, and it’s also an easy thing to do to help. Same reason for the Christmas drive, but people also have a soft spot for kids. It’s important for obvious reasons, but it also is an act of humanity and I think it shows us and younger generations how to act to our fellow people. I do both of them because it’s just a little thing I can do to help. I think it’s great that we do this, and it also brings us together.”