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Women not getting as much credit for their achievments

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Ariana Capel

Messenger Staff Writer

Men are getting more credit for their achievements and inventions than women, even though society says we’re supposed to have “equal rights.”


Throughout history, men have always received more credit than women for their achievements, a higher salary for work, and more  Let’s not forget, that before August 18,1920, women didn’t have the right to vote.


“I think women are given less credit for their achievement than men, and even though we’ve made efforts to give women and men equal rights,” said Placer student Sydney Buchanan


Women gained several new rights over the past hundred years or so, but many people, both male and female, feel that men are still looked at as the “more important.”


“I think men can feel that they have done better and achieved more than women, but nowadays the only achievement I haven’t seen a woman make that man has is being president,” said Placer student Carley Mickel.


Everyone knows Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb.  But few people have heard of Randi Altschul – who invented the first disposable cell phone.


“Women shouldn’t be looked upon as the weaker gender.  In a lot of ways, women have been known to be incredibly intelligent and capable of great achievements,” said Mickel.


In the past, women have often been looked down on. Society used to really force the belief that men were stronger and better than women, in things like work, athletics and academics.  There were only male doctors until 1849, when Elizabeth Blackwell received her MD.


“College education was only offered to men for a really long time.  Women couldn’t become doctors or lawyers either.  What bothers me is there wasn’t a logical reason for men to have more rights,” said Buchanan.


Men and women now technically  have equal rights, in terms of voting, careers, etc.  But the scale is still not totally balanced, for example we say “men and women” not “women and men.”  This country has had 44 presidents and zero of them have been female.   In future years, many hope that women will receive credit for their achievements just the same as men.

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Women not getting as much credit for their achievments