Bring Change to Mind club is busy with kindness week activities

Story by Keara Chorn, Messenger Staff Writer

The Bring Change to Mind club is having upcoming activities for kindness week and also currently working on a planter box project.

The club’s purpose is to encourage conversations and raise awareness about the importance of mental health. They meet every Tuesday in the library during lunchtime to discuss or work on projects. 

Bring Change to Mind collaborated with Placer’s Vault to help organize some activities for Kindness Week. From February 15th to February 18th, Kindness Week is an upcoming event with the purpose of promoting happiness and positivity around campus. Each day of the event includes dressing up in different colors, giveaways, and encouraging students to participate in some of the random acts of kindness activities.

Bring Change to Mind will be holding an intervention session on Tuesday, February 15th to help fill the kindness jars and work on the compliment wall.

The kindness jars are jars filled with notes of positivity and uplifting quotes or phrases. They will be placed in all the classes on campus, so anyone can take a note whenever they would like. 

With the many jars to fill up, the club needs students during intervention to help write notes. Bring Change to Mind hopes that writing these notes will help benefit others around campus.

Additionally, the club may also be working on a compliment wall on the same day as the kindness jars, however, further information of this particular activity has yet to be specified.

Besides the activities previously mentioned, there will also be two lunchtime activities held by Bring Change to Mind, which are rock painting and making stress balls.

The rock painting activity will be on Wednesday, February 16th. It will include rocks that students can decorate with paint pens however they please. The club is currently working on painting base coats onto the rocks, so that it will be easier to paint over on. Students will be able to keep the rocks, give it to someone else, or just leave it behind for the club to use in other future projects. 

I’m really excited. I think that it’s a very big term for our club and we strive for very ambitious goals. And I think we’re succeeding in that and I hope that the campus sees that as well.

— Alexis Breedlove

On Thursday, February 17th, the club is hosting a stress ball making activity. Students will be assembling stress balls with Orbeez and filling them up with water. 

Bring Change to Mind is working on a planter box — a separate project that is not correlated to kindness week. In addition to being a mental health booster, it serves a purpose to beautify and leave a mark on campus. 

With the help of the agricultural, art, and woodworking departments on campus, the club managed to surmount some challenges throughout the process. They are planning to get into contact with some local businesses around Auburn, such as Home Depot, Eisley’s Nursery (Green Acres), Michael’s, and other craft stores to get supply donations.

I’m really proud of this club and this community at school for coming together and putting on these big projects that are going to last for a very long time…I think that everyone has put in a lot of work this term and this year to make all this stuff happen. I’m really happy.

— Alyssa Rexius

Being a key symbol in the mental health community, flowers and plants that will be incorporated in the project is to help promote growth, recovery, as well as, change on our campus. Bring Change to Mind plans to plant colorful flowers, especially perennials, or perhaps even herbs that way they could be cut off and used. Once completed, the planter box will most likely be placed near the lower office. 

Bring Change to Mind club is looking forward for people to attend all these events and also join the weekly meetings to help out with the projects.