Is Placer missing the ‘green’ in green and gold?

With the world becoming more ecologically conscious, is Placer High falling behind?


Emmalee Dann

Messenger Staff writer


There are many ways to be environmentally friendly in a school setting. With some minor changes to Placer campus, the school can contribute to a cleaner world.


While paper towels cut energy use by 40%, they also contribute 56 grams of carbon dioxide emission. CO2 is a primary greenhouse gas that is emitted through human activities, and this gas traps heat that is emitted by the earth (along with everything on it), and locks it into the atmosphere. The over existence of CO2 contributes a great deal to global warming. In order to decrease the amount of this gas, Placer can replace paper towel dispensers with Dyson Air Blades. Dyson Air Blades are hand dryers that operate much more efficiently at a lower cost to our school and our environment.

Aside from using hand dryers, another aspect of environmental concern involves recycling and compost bins. While some teachers do have recycling bins in their rooms, not all do, and there are no compost bins placed anywhere on Placer Campus. With such a large number of students at Placer and an open campus lunch, there are many compost-friendly and recyclable materials being used.In addition, it is estimated that students and teachers run through approximately $25,000 or more on paper each year. “Most of the waste in our landfill is paper”, said environmental science teacher Dan Gallaway. Therefore, it is highly logical to put paper recycling bins in every classroom, and requiring the use of them.

By making such simple changes and additions, our school could reduce mass quantities of harmful waste. And not only should an environmentally concerned mindset remain only on Placer grounds, but it should influence students, teachers, community, and rest of the world.