New Businesses and their effect on public traffic

By Alli Judd

Messenger Staff Writer


With several new businesses arriving in Auburn, the city is buzzing. Everywhere you go, new construction is underway. These new businesses are expected to be chain stores and restaurants, but could this lead to an increase in traffic throughout Auburn?
“Highway 49 is very busy already, and they’re just adding to the congestion,” Sonja Anderson, a local Auburn resident, said.
Many people seem to feel as though these new businesses are going to heighten the amount of traffic throughout Auburn, and they don’t seem too happy about it. One Auburn resident claims, Auburn might not know what they’re doing by putting in more restaurant style businesses.
“Highway 49 isn’t prepared for the new changes going on,” said Auburn resident Ariana Judd.
These residents also state that they aren’t too pleased with the choice of businesses going in throughout Auburn. Many felt as though Auburn needed more clothing stores, instead of restaurants.
“We didn’t need anymore restaurants.” Judd said.
“It seems like an awful lot of restaurants,” Anderson added.
For example, within the next year or so, Auburn will be receiving Panda Express, Panera Bread, and Smart&Final. Rumor has it, we will also be getting a Chipotle and possibly a Chick-Fil-A.
It seems that nearby businesses are also concerned that since these stores already get business in other cities, they might distract previous customers from going to their establishments.
But, whether or not people are happy about these decisions, Auburn is going through with them. Auburn will be receiving a few new businesses and what that does for traffic, only time will tell. So far, it’s looking like a pretty busy Highway!