Controversial T-shirts slipping under the radar at Placer


Photo credit: Francheska Cal

Controversial shirts such as the one pictured above can be seen worn by a few Placer males and appear to go unnoticed by faculty.

Although dress code is not overly enforced at Placer High School, there might be some shirts sliding through that can be taken as disrespectful to many different people around campus. The dress code for boys has known to be lenient. But, what about those t-shirts that depict half naked girls in a sexual manner? The outfits the girls in the pictures wear do not meet the dress code enforced for girls; therefore, it can be questioned as to whether it is acceptable or not.
In the Placer High School Student Handbook 2015-2016, it states, “Any clothing that can be considered as sexually harassing nature is not acceptable” (Page 18).
“Feminists are too involved in women’s rights and get offended over nothing,” said Jared Jensen, a sophomore at Placer High School who is known for wearing these shirts. Students who wear these shirts have said they tend to get positive feedback from their peers so they have a hard time realizing that some are appalled at the sight of these shirts walking through campus.
Shelby Graden a senior at Placer High School has a different opinion on the situation at hand and proclaimed, “If it displays women in a sexual way it promotes objectification of the female body and it should be frowned upon.” She believes it is not necessarily offensive however, she does not feel it is ehtical for the student body to support it.
It seems most teachers either don’t notice the shirts wandering around campus or if they see it, they make a joke about regarding it.
When the shirt was noticed in the Leadership class Mike Sabins publically asked his class how they felt about it, in which the class was split. Some had no feeling towards it and some were shocked.

Feminists are too involved in women’s rights and get offended over nothing.

— Jared Jensen


Annette Udall, an English teacher at Placer High School, is shocked when these shirts are seen in her class, she said.
“Just because the shirt is for sale does not mean it is school appropriate,” Udall expressed. She also does not believe the dress code should be favored to one gender or the other and that there “Needs to be a uniform standard for both men and women.”
Elise Ryerson was completely unaware of this happening all around Placer High School’s campus. She openly stated, “That’s a violation in my opinion. That’s worse than the beer company shirts some kids wear around but that dress code violation gets enforced.”
It seems many teachers don’t notice the shirts being worn but when shown pictures of what has been spotted in classrooms, they are appalled that no one has said anything about the matter to these students.