Battle of the Sexes

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April Alexander

Messenger Staff Writer

Once every school year, Placer High School has a week to show Placers’ pride called Battle of the Sexes spirit week. In my experience of being at Placer, students and staff participate mostly in the Battle of the Sexes spirit week.

Last year, as a freshman, I thought that the Battle of the Sexes week was just a fun and friendly competition between the boys and the girls. As the week moved on, it became more of a serious competition and then it crossed the line. There were some inappropriate chants said at one of the rally’s and the staff board did not appreciate that. “It was really interesting and i didn’t expect it to go as far as it did, but it was still really fun because normally you don’t do that in a normal rally so it was something different from what we normally do,” said Megan Williams, a sophomore at Placer.

Most people don’t really think that is was a big deal but i’m sure that there were some people that did get a little offended. Even though the people that started it didn’t have and consequences, Bailey Reece (a sophomore) said, “I don’t think that there should be consequences because everyone was doing it, not just one side, there was too many to punish.” She also added that, “I think that is was fine because were all older now and were not getting butthurt ‘cause we all know it was a joke.”

Some people think that maybe there should’ve been consequences, or at least a stern talk. “Personally I think that they should’ve found the people that started it and actually scared them to death like they did with the color dance with the boys. They took them all into the office and gave them all a talk, they should’ve done that with the boys to say ‘hey, this was not okay to start, you weren’t supposed to say those chants, some girls are easily offended’,” Megan Williams also added.

It is almost positive the Battle of the Sexes spirit week is happening this year and we are all looking forward to it being just as fun and exciting as last year.


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