Placer High School Drama Students present: Ghostlight!

Story by Maximilian Behre, Newspaper staff

Placer High School’s latest production, “Ghostlight,” has been captivating audiences with its intriguing plot, well-crafted characters, and professional-level performances. The play follows Gabriella Nettles, a high school student who moves to a new school with her dad, played by Declan Moley, after her mother’s death.

Ava Doak, who plays Gabriella, shared her experience with the play’s script, saying, “The play is very well written and thought out. I immediately fell in love with the script which doesn’t always happen right away.”

Doak also spoke about the challenging preparation process, saying that it took a lot of studying and getting used to her surroundings. However, she expressed gratitude for the support she received from her castmates during rehearsals, saying, “I wasn’t always comfortable on stage. There were moments when it was difficult to stay relaxed and grounded in the moment. But come time for the show, my castmates very much helped me loosen up so that when I stepped onstage, I just felt comfortable to be Garb.”

The play’s director, Jason Long, was also praised for his exceptional work, as he put a lot of effort into the blocking, set design, light, and sound design. Addison Horn, who plays the drama teacher in the play, spoke highly of Long’s directing skills, saying, “He’s a talented director who really has a passion for his craft and the students he teaches.”

As for the performance, the cast and crew put on an impressive show during the opening weekend, which Destiny Mohs, the assistant stage manager, called “incredibly smooth.” Mohs spoke about her role as an assistant stage manager and praised the cast and tech team for their hard work and dedication. “Preparing for the play came easy as the actors are easy to work with and take advice and direction well,” she said. “The audience for opening weekend was amazing; they were super interactive, and I hope they enjoyed the play.”

Declan Moley, who plays the dad of the main character, also shared his experience with the play, saying that it was “a great mix of humor and mystery.” He spoke about his role as the dad and expressed excitement for the final weekend, saying, “I think both shows ran relatively smoothly, but I’m excited to see how we improve in the final weekend.”

The play’s success was not only due to the hard work of the cast and crew but also the enthusiastic participation of the audience. Addison Horn spoke about the audience’s engagement with the play, saying, “They really took the ‘audience participation’ part seriously, and they were respectful both nights.”

Ava Doak highly recommends experiencing the production live, explaining, “Yes! This play is super intriguing, well-written, and has comical moments as well as some real and powerful ones too. You’ll love it.” Similarly, Addison Horn encouraged everyone to attend the play, saying, “Ghostlight is one entertaining show.”

In conclusion, Placer High School’s production of “Ghostlight” has been a resounding success, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the cast and crew, as well as the well-written script and talented directing. The play’s engaging plot and characters, mixed with humor and mystery, have left audiences wanting more. Placer High School’s theater program continues to provide opportunities for students to explore their creativity and showcase their talents, making it an important part of the school’s community.

Go and watch the play this weekend, it is the last time it’ll be there!