Placer’s Earl Crabbe Gym and Weight Room under Renovation


Earl Crabbe Gym Construction

Story by Emma Villanueva, Sports Editor

Placer’s Earl Crabbe Gym and weight rooms are going under several different renovations to upgrade the decade-old amenities. 

In two weeks the weight room will be going under construction. There is going to be a temporary weight room by the tennis courts area, and the weights will be moved to two portables. The portables will be used until the construction is done. 

Athletic director Mr. Lee stated that the ending of the construction is, “…unknown right now, they’ve given quotes from the first of September all the way to the first of November.”

In terms of the Earl Crabbe Gym, Mr. Montoya said, “The gym is going to get a complete outdoor renovation, new windows, there is going to be heating and air conditioning, along with big fans to circulate air.” 

Montoya also affirmed, “The girls locker room will not change, the boys will most likely be up in the history department in the old band and choir room.”

There is not going to be a lot of renovations done on either the boys, girls, or football locker room, they will just be thoroughly cleaned. 

A lot of the renovations will not be noticed by the student body, “The majority of the construction is going to be done on the outside, the drainage, the roof, stuff that we will not see but has to be done” Montoya says. 

One of the biggest areas that will be renovated is the weight room. Many of Coach Montoya’s students have begun cleaning out the area that will be worked on. 

Coach Lee describes some of the new updates that the weight room will receive. “The weight room will be very nice, it’s going to be downstairs with recirculating air, a lot cleaner, brand new and will have all kinds of new weight training equipment and our training room will be first class.”

Many students are very excited about the new weight training room and how it may further them athletically in the future. 

Freshman football quarterback Baylor Kelley states how he is eager to try out the new weight room. “I am super stoked and excited, it sounds like we’re going to have a grade A weight room and training room. With the new training room it allows me to better myself athletically.”

All of the old football helmets and memorabilia are also tucked away safely in three storage containers, and it will be put back up after the remodel. 

“It’s going to be a state of the art beautiful facility, with a state of the art training room, we will have brand new equipment in the weight room and training room we haven’t had here in years and it’s going to feel like a brand new place. It’s really really exciting,” Montoya describes the new facility and amenities Placer will be receiving.

“All of the stuff that makes Placer High School such a special place will be back and better than ever,” Montoya guarantees. 

With construction starting on the Earl Crabbe on February 28th, some new construction measures will arise. There will be fencing around the entire gym and in the street, Agard Street will be one-way going up the hill starting at the office. The upper lot will be used for construction worker’s vehicles, about a third will be taken up. The walkway between the gyms will be closed, the track will be accessed by the stairs by the football field.