Placer student’s small businesses


Story by Addie Buckingham, Messenger Staff Writer

Many students from all grade levels use their talents and skills as a way to support themselves and bring in income, something that all high schools could use. Creating your own business is hard work, and supporting local small businesses is helpful to the young entrepreneurs at Placer.

Anthony Manley, senior, and Ben Manley, sophomore, have been in the landscaping business for roughly five years. They call their side business Manley Bros Lawn Service, and their goal is to provide quality landscaping to property owners. Each job takes the Manley brothers about three to four hours to complete, and the pay depends on the size of the job. Manley says that his favorite part of the job is getting paid at the end.

In the past, Anthony independently created an apparel company called Xistence. Manley was intrigued by apparel designing and the printing process. Each t-shirt cost $25. He says that the ability to print designs that he created by hand was what he enjoyed most about the apparel industry. Manley eventually decided to focus his personal time on sports instead. Xistence was in business for a strong three months and sold about 15 shirts total.

Although the Manley brothers are not working at the moment, this is a great example of the kinds of businesses Placer students run.

Another small local business owner at Placer is run by freshmen Anna Wilson. Wilson has a business called Blooming Jewel which sells handmade jewelry. Wilson has been in this business for about a year, making bracelets, necklaces, and anklets, but has been making arts and crafts projects since they were a kid. 

Many of the products are pre-made by Wilson, but in some cases they make custom requests. They charge between $15-$30, and each order can take up to three hours to complete, depending on its size and quantity. “My favorite thing about the business is making other people smile, and of course the cash is nice too,” Wilson stated. They advertise their business in person and through Instagram. If you’re interested in supporting this business, you can find them at @weirdwitxh_ on Instagram.

Local businesses are what make small towns charming and unique. Supporting these businesses and young people trying to support themselves using their skills and interests is a great way to bring attention to them and the area.