Photography gains new feel as new teacher takes over

Story by Katelyn Folk

As may not be known by some students and parents, Jason Long is the new teacher for Placer’s Photography class. Photography could be an interesting new learning experience for many students at Placer. Katelyn Miller, freshman in Long’s Photography class, said, “I enjoy Photography because the teacher is really good. My favorite part of photography is probably developing photos. I want to learn how to take pictures really [well] and use the camera like a professional. The goal I want to accomplish is probably how to develop film.” Many people have different views and opinions on this class. This
class uses expensive cameras and it becomes a serious environment because nobody wants to pay a lot of money to replace the cameras. The class has many creative and unique assignments that help develop an understanding of photography. Laina Plumb, sophomore, said, “Photography is cool and artistic. Yes, I enjoy photography because it’s calming. My favorite part about photography is seeing how the pictures turned out. I want to learn how to take better photos.” These factors are all important to learn in order to understand photography in depth. Many people enjoy this class and it opens new opportunities for people to be able to learn. If students are still interested in photography by the time that they have graduated high school, they could take classes in college and evolve into a professional photographer from there. Long shared, “I am interested in teaching photography because I took [Photography] in high school, [along with] many other art classes. At Placer, there was [an open] spot for a Photo teacher and I decided to do it… I want my students to learn to take quality pictures for social media and new ways to view the world.” Many teachers enjoy what they teach and want to help other students learn and grow. This class offers many opportunities to grow in the art of photography, making it valuable to consider taking.