The lip sync battle versus the color dance

Katelyn Folk

Messenger Staff Writer


After last fall’s color dance performance was deemed too inappropriate, administration planned to replace the Placer Hillmen tradition with a lip sync battle.
Last year some students and staff were offended by the color dance performed by leadership. The students were seen as dancing too provocatively, and because of that, the chance of it being repeated was taken away.
The color dance that traditionally occurs during Homecoming week consisted of freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, serving as a part of Placer’s history for several generations. The dance continued for what would have been twenty years this fall.

When Jason Long, school staff member, was asked what he thinks about the color dance, he said that “people should be more creative and not be inappropriate.”

People might agree with this statement, as leadership could have found a better accepted way to show their school spirit. Like Long suggested in his comment, it would be a nice change that would impact people in a more positive way.
Megan Clifton, sophomore, shared her perspective on the lip sync battle, expressing that

“people are getting too carried away and they are going to offend someone.”

Anytime Placer hosts an event, it is important that students are responsible in the way they behave and the things that they say, so as to be respectful to everyone.
AJ Ferreira, sophomore, was in the lip sync battles, and said,

[I think it], “was fun being in the [lip sync battle]. [We did a lot better than last year]. Since we didn’t perform as [freshman] last year. I think [our performance] was good.”

The performance was enjoyable to watch in some people’s opinions and it was interesting seeing all the dances students had worked to put together. Some students really liked the music choices as well.
Mr. Adams, a staff member and graduate of Placer, was asked how long the color dance had been around. His response was,

“[the color dance has been around for] tons of years. The color dance was there when [he] went to high school.”

Nevertheless, his opinion is that it was time to get rid of the color dance because

“it was way too inappropriate.”

He may be right that it was inappropriate, but if people would only be more cautious and considerate of others, the event would not have had to change. Some staff and students did not like the color dance at all, but thought it was fun and entertaining.
Teacher Greg Robinson was asked his opinion of the color dance being canceled.

“I fully support the administration’s decision to cancel the color dance.”

Students and staff may have been ready for a new change. The lip sync battle was a new experience for all of us. It was an event people were hopefully able to look forward to, and an opportunity to create new memories, putting a new mark on history in-the-making for future generations to enjoy.