Placer welcomes foreign exchange students – Student shares insight on experiences in the U.S.


From left to right, Romana Behunova, Lucrezia Ricciardello, and Eva Larismont are three of Placer’s exchange students for this school year.

Story by Lucrezia Ricciardello

Every year at Placer High School lots of Exchange Students from all over the world have the chance to see what life like a Hillmen is like.
As an exchange student from Italy, I am making the most of this opportunity . Just about a year ago I decided to take this very special experience and challenges in some aspects.
This school year, I am studying at PHS. Almost everything in this early period is quite difficult but at the same time I’m sure it will be an experience I’ll remember for all my life and fortunately my host family is always ready for anything and it makes me feel welcomed.
At Placer I am a senior and after graduation I will return to Italy to complete one more year of High School, for a total of five years. After Italian graduation I’m going to a University in Milan: I plan on becoming a fashion designer. For this reason I would like to travel all over the world, then when I’m all done with school I would like to come back to California, maybe to live!
Being an Exchange Student means having the opportunity of a self-development and awareness, leading to enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem. The main targets are to enhance maturity and social poise and to learn a new language which is really different.
There is no better way to learn the culture and language of another country and everybody can highly recommend this experience.
“It’s hard, I miss my parents, my friends and of course my city but I know I’m lucky to be here, it’s a unique opportunity,” stated Eva Larsimont, a Belgium Exchange Student who is going to graduate at Placer this year.
During this fall season she joined the Cross Country team and she really loves it, although she thinks it’s hard.
“I like it here, people are kind and hospitable and guys at Placer are friendly even if they have different interests,” states Eva “I’d like to be busy all day, everyday.”
That’s why she’s taking part in the French Club and Interact Club.
“Actually here school isn’t hard like in Belgium, there are fun classes and teachers are like friends they can help me everytime I need,” she explained.
After graduation Eva will go back to Belgium to start University, probably Law or Journalism, “I have to decide,” explained Eva.
Another Exchange student, Romana Behunova, from Slovakia confirmed, “I love everything here, my host family takes care of me and I love their lifestyle.”
Romana is thinking of studying here after High School but she doesn’t know what yet.
“I hope that this year will help me to decide about my future and the University, I want my job to be my hobby,” stated Romana.
“The biggest disadvantage for me is the absence of public transport,” explained Romana “As a matter of fact here we don’t have as much independence, nonetheless my host parents takes me everywhere.”
Romana enjoys her afternoon playing golf almost everyday and she takes part in some Clubs during lunch time.
Both agree that American food is nice but everything here’s cooked, prepared and served with many sauces so they think they should be careful not to get fat!
It will be a great experience for all Exchange Students here at Placer. We are all looking forward to the exciting events that are going to happen.
From left to right, Romana Behunova, Lucrezia Ricciardello, and Eva Larismont are three of Placer’s exchange students for this school year.