Teacher’s favorite memories

Jamie Stroud

Messenger Staff Writer

Every day hundreds of memories are made that many will look back on years from now and smile about the crazy times they had. Have you ever wondered if any of the staff here at Placer had any of those kinds of times? For most the answer is yes!

Joey Montoya, a weight trainer and advanced football PE coach, is definitely a school wide favorite when it comes to a being leader and someone we trust. This may not just be because he is a great speaker and very friendly, but he is also very relatable. As some may know Montoya has had a lot of fun and hilarious times throughout his life. Here is one of them;

On a Young Life trip, my buddy used to read these books at night before he went to bed called sightings which is about aliens coming down to Earth. And he really believed that it was happening. So one night we put someone under his bunk bed and since it was a bunk bed you couldn’t really look under it. We even had to unscrew the bed to get him under there. And we put someone else in his bed to act like he was sleeping in his bed. So when he came it he didn’t notice he wasn’t there.

When he came in and we were like “hey Jason you should read your sighting books” and he started reading them he heard a knock and he was like “what was that?” We just pretended that we didn’t know what he was talking about. So he kept reading but every time he would read it he truly believed it so he would be shaking. Then he heard another knock and again he was like “what the heck was that?” and we just kept saying that we didn’t know what he was talking about, and asking him if he was hearing something.

So he just kept reading but by now he was shaking even harder. Then it happened a third time he started like hitting the wall because there was a cabin next to ours. Then he was like “guys stop messing with me!” and we just kept telling him that he was hearing things. Then the fourth time he started reading his hands were shaking even more and you could tell he was really scared.

Then the guy under the bed started kicking under the bed so the bed started levitating, and he fell out of the bed, threw one punch out of fear and fell to the ground crying and shaking. So we all just got up and started laughing. Granted this guy he was six foot three, 220 pound studly football player fell to the ground crying!”

Uno is another teacher Placer students really respect! At the moment she teaches both art and coaches the cheer leading team. She has also had her fair share of crazy moments in high school. One of her more memorable ones is when she eleven of her football player friends all fit into her small car to drive over to another one of her friends house.

“During the weekend I was hanging out with friends down by Sky ridge, and we were going to go to one friends house to another and I was the only one that could drive and I had the little red racer which was a Toyota. It was myself and Mr. Wachob, and a bunch of his buddies.

So there was ten huge football players, then my friend and myself. And we somehow got eleven people and myself to fit in my car to drive to one friends house to another. Their was like three people in the trunk, it was totally illegal and it was around midnight. But we made it there! When we got there it was like clown car. Seriously eleven big old football players got out, it was pretty crazy!”