The Auburn Art Walk

By Ariana West

Messenger Staff Writer


The Auburn Art Walk is a reception to showcase artists who display their work in local businesses. This event which is presented by PlacerArts to promote cultural tourism takes place on the second Thursday of April, June, August and October, from 6 to 9 p.m. in Downtown and Old Town Auburn.

It is a wonderful opportunity for residents and visitors to become acquainted with local businesses                                                                                             and the art community. “It was truly magnificent to see art from not only real artists but children, high school students, and special needs people.” said Josh West, attender of The Art Walk.

Some of the businesses participating included; The Southside Art Center, Studio Eight02, The Arts Building Gallery, La Dolce Vita Hair Salon, The Daily Egg, and many more. Twenty- eight businesses participated and there is also art featured around the clock tower and central square.

The Auburn Art Walk is a free event and has something for the whole family. The Auburn Art Walk hands out brochures with a map and a key to participating venues and artists is available to all Art Walk attendees.

You may pick up a brochure at the Arts Building at 808 Lincoln Way in downtown Auburn , or at any participating venue. The map is also available online approximately 1 week prior to each Art Walk.

The Auburn Art Walk was the inspiration of Anthony Maki Gill and Larry Ortiz, then Arts Council of Placer County Board Member and Executive Director respectively. The Art Walk became a reality in the early 1990s with just a few venues. It has grown to more than 35 participating businesses, with hundreds of artists showing their works to more than 5000 people each year.  The Auburn Art Walk is a popular community event, with the Auburn Arts Commission providing music on the streets and the Downtown Business Association sponsoring a shuttle bus between venues.

Anyone can sign up and get their art showcased at a venue. You do not  have to be professional, in fact there was art showcased by children even. Also, at the Southside Art Center, artwork of special needs people were shown.

Del Oro high school student art was featured at The Arts Building Gallery. This is the Auburn Art Walk so why is there no art from Placer students or other Auburn schools?

“I’m just glad to see that kids are participating and getting involved in extracurricular activities, I don’t really think it matters what school they’re from but yes, it would be nice to see more Placer students getting involved.” says Mrs. Uno, Placer High School Art Teacher.