Students with no knowledge of current events

By Ariana Capel

Messenger Staff Writer


Students claim to watch the news and know what’s going on in the world, but when asked

about specific topics, several students could not give an accurate description of current events.

Everyday, hundreds of newsworthy events occur that can affect our daily life.  Many of which can influence us every day.  But exactly how aware are the students at Placer of current events.

“I watch the news, not every single day, but most of the time,” says freshman Coleen Francis.

Several students had not heard of the major news event in which Michael Brown was shot and by an officer.  This event, which took place in Ferguson, Missouri, was breaking news for over  a week, and news authorities are still seriously concerned about it. A few students accurately describe the beheadings of journalists in Syria [ISIS], and none of the students we asked knew what ISIS stood for.

“It’s about terrorism, in Syria and somewhere else, I don’t know what it stands for off the top of my head,” was Isabella Polena’s description. Polena says that she does her best to pay attention to news and national events, but it’s hard for her to keep up, between school and work.

When students were asked if they knew anything that occurred recently in the auburn area, that affects Placer students, few students had a worthy and accurate answer.

“I heard two people got in a car crash somewhere…but that’s pretty much it.,” says Kennedy Skinner, sophomore.

Richards, Francis, Polena could not think of anything recent that is newsworthy that occurred in the Auburn area.   In some ways, the students shocked themselves that they did not know about big news, like the ISIS, or the Ferguson case in Missouri.

Being aware of worldwide news is important because it can impact us every day.  Students should know not only about local news, but international news.  Some students do stay up to date and know what’s going on while others say they just don’t care.