Students told to stay off track during football games

New policy has created mixed reactions among Placer students

By Lexi Heuer

Messenger Staff Writer

A new rule is being set in place regarding our Friday Night Football games, which will affect the Goldmine and its students. Beginning of the 2015 football season, students are no longer allowed to stand on the track by our Snack Bar. This subject has many different opinions including; many students like to stand on the track to socialize, other students want them in the Goldmine supporting, and lastly, the Placer High Staff don’t want students on the brand new track at all.
Activities Director and assistant football coach Mike Sabins has a perspective that some staff members have, “… Number one we have a brand new all service track and all weather track that they are trying to keep in good shape and a lot of times kids are on there they spill drinks, they take food on there, bubblegum whatever.”
Sabins feels that in the past, when students were allowed to stand on the track, things got hectic and students disrespected the track, which escalated the wear of the track. Sabins simply stated, “It is a lot easier if we just keep people in the stands so they can enjoy the game, keep people off the track, and just avoids lots of problems.”
Also, he stated that it was just hard to keep people focused on the game and out of trouble.
“It is a nightmare to try to manage it from an administrator’s standpoint and you’re trying to keep people in the stands. You’ve got 50 gazilion kids down on the track, you know, it’s hard enoughmonitoring the crowd as it is, but now you have them in a bunch of different places,” Sabins added.
Sabins agrees with the statement of keeping the track clean and in good condition. He also thinks that the new decision will help the Goldmine prosper and thrive with enthusiasm of students.
“Hopefully we will get more students in the Goldmine… we would like the Goldmine to grow and grow and grow,” Sabins claimed.
Some students also want the Goldmine to have a greater capacity of students which will enthuse the JV and Varsity Football team. Sydnee Bender, the Junior Class Vice President, wants to see more students in the Goldmine to support instead of standing by the Snack Bar.
After the first home football game against Pioneer, Bender stated, “The Goldmine was twice as big as it normally is, and there was a lot more energy.”
Bender expressed that when more people join the Goldmine, the crowd gets bigger, the chants get louder, and the game becomes more exciting. Sabins also felt that closing off the track for football games will be beneficial to the Goldmine, football players, and help the students to have a more enjoyable Friday Night!
“My experience in the Goldmine was way more enjoyable because there were so many spirited students who brought up the intensity of the game,” said Bender.
Bender really hopes that more spirited students will now come to the Goldmine and help support Placer High School’s Football Team.