Upset Students and Bare Mountains

Ali Conway

Messenger Staff Writer

The boom has faded as football season comes to a great close. However, the lack of support has diminished greatly in a few short weeks. As winter sports gear up for another great hillmen season, teams are losing support they desperately need . The Ski Team, who has 10 individual and team state championships in the past 20 years is predicted to not have a compeating team this year.

The head coach of the downhill team has not yet been hired because of the situation at hand, however Mr. Mark Lee, head athletic director at placer shared his thoughts on this problem.

“..We had ten people sign up, we need eight for a team, and out of those ten two are advanced the rest are beginners, and that just wouldn’t work.”

Julia Traverse, an advanced Alpine Skier had an important decision to make, “I love skiing so much and I’ve been skiing since I was a little kid but basketball is also a huge part of my life and if there isn’t going to be a  ski team I am going to be really mad.”

A lot of dispute is going on about the drop in interest in these winter sport since there has been a series of poor snow seasons only peaking around 103 inches in total last season.

Another advanced downhill skier, Paloma Acquistapace, was upset about the teams disappearance. “I am just going to do something else because it really sucks that there is no team, and I feel like everyone feels the same way.”

The competitive Alpine team has been part of Placers history, with countless state champions have come out of this program, but without it, is the schools future beginning to change?