Male sports receiving more attention

Ariana West

 Messenger Staff Writer

Can girls join guys sports? I know girls have their own team in volleyball, basketball, golf, etc. but why do girls not have their own football team? I think this is extremely unfair because I know many girls who would love to play football but won’t because the fact they have to play with all guys.

Also, each sport only gets one paid coach per level; freshman, junior varsity, and varsity levels. Although, for some reason football gets multiple paid assistant coaches per team.

Guys sports in general seem to get a lot more attention than girls sports.

According to freshman girls golf team member, Jamie Stroud, “Most school’s focus on football, and girls sports like volleyball, basketball, and golf don’t get as much recognition.”

Everyone knows when the football games are and it always gets announced on the loudspeaker, if the game times of the girls sports got announced maybe more people would go to them.

Everyday male and female athletes go through the same routine waking up earlier than the rest of us, working out, watching what they eat and all while keeping up with classes and juggling their social lives.

Each of these athletes demonstrates the same dedication, the same commitment on and off  the field or court, regardless of their gender.

So why is it that our country as a whole is infinitely more fascinated by male dominant sports such as football? We’re all guilty of it, too.

I guarantee if  you asked people who the girls volleyball  team played two weeks ago, most people would give you a blank stare. If  you asked people who the football team played two weeks ago almost everyone would know.

The sad part is girls work just as hard as guys but don’t get as much credit.

It shouldn’t be all about football or all about basketball, it should be about school spirit and  showing that Placer is number one.