Class of 2023 living the “Senior” experience

Story by Natalia Merck, Messenger Staff Writer

Every student thinks differently of their senior year and has had extremely different experiences.

For some, their senior year has lived up to their expectations, for others not so much. “… I think that the new administration has provided a lot more opportunities from what I’ve seen before, but towards the end of the year I’ve seen a lot more opportunities coming, so the 2nd semester of my senior year has been what I’ve been looking for,” says Placer High School senior Lexsey Medrano. “Surprisingly, yes, I’ve been doing a lot more things than I thought I would do, hanging out with people I would never expect to be hanging out with and trying new things and opening to new possibilities,” explains Drew Robinson, Placer High School senior. Some seniors expected more out of their last year at Placer but others enjoyed every part of the experience.

The graduating seniors often experience senioritis. The definition of senioritis is, “A supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.” Every student has their own definition of senioritis like Drew Robinson and Lexsey Medrano. “It’s a crippling disease that i’m pretty sure I have at this point its the ability of being entitled to “I put in the work and im reaping the rewards of doing absolutely nothing for a very long time”, said Robinson. From another seniors point of view, “Once you have gotten into your college and have really good grades it is very difficult for me to want to come to school to maintain those grades knowing I’m already accepted into college and I’m just wondering, “What am I still doing here?” and high school is basically working to get into a good college.” explains Medrano.

Senior Assassin:
Senior Assassin is a game between all the participating seniors where they try to shoot each other with water guns to eliminate the other teams from the game. “I dislike how much drama there is surrounding it, there are so many different rules that so many people don’t know about so it causes so much conflict between the people that have to eliminate their target and then their target gets mad about it. But I like that it gives the seniors something to do all together and sort of brings us all together as a class,” says Kayla Petersen Placer High School senior. The prize if you win is $600. Placer High School is completely off-limits for eliminations since there are many students there along with the seniors who do not want to get wet. The students have to wear a floatie around their arm or leg to make them “off limits” when they go out into public, but when they are caught off guard at any time without their floatie on then they can be immediately eliminated. “The most challenging part had been people arguing over whether or not they got someone and having to be the judge. This has caused some people to be mad at me but I just have to go off the rules of the game and not let that affect me,” said Grace Wright a senior at Placer who organizes senior assassin. This game has concerned many people with safety issues, you would be surprised at the extent people go to to get this prize money. Overall senior assassin is a fun activity for seniors to do before they go off to college.