Hillmen share their favorite vacation locations

Story by Katelyn Folk

There are many fun and adventurous places across the world that families can enjoy. There are also many fun places to visit in California. Susie Rieks happily stated that “the ocean is my favorite part to travel to because it is so [relaxing]. Playing in the water, collecting shells and stones, and flying a kite, not to mention the beauty of the ocean. Then there is the Disneyland vacation, [with] rides, shops, food, and decorations. I think we spent at least $1,500 for our week trip to Disneyland, probably more. Our road trip was $3,000 and 30 days long.” It is interesting to hear all of the responses and see where everyone has traveled. Mason Partak, freshman, proclaimed, “I’ve been a lot of places, but by far one of my favorite places to travel is the Bay Area. I know that seems pretty simple, but it is amazing. It has wonderful food, thou
sands of activities, and amazing scenery! In San Francisco, there’s so much to do; you could check out all the amazing places in Union Square, or head down to Pier 39… Seattle, Washington is semi-local because it’s on the west coast; it has a lot of history, tourist spots, and all sorts of markets and activities, like Pikes Place. Other places that are farther from the west coast, like Asheville, NC, have beautiful scenery, and the nature is stupendous. They also have the best BBQ that I have ever had and some of the nicest folk I have ever met.” People’s experiences all vary, and it is fascinating to observe
the diversity of locations to which they have traveled. Cheri Folk, who lives in Oregon, explains, “I love traveling in Europe. I’ve done independent travel with [my husband] and other times with a friend. Europe is interesting to me
because of its varied history and interesting architecture. Independent travel allows you to visit and experience local cultures at your own pace. Guided tours often take you
places you might miss on your own. [On] our trip to Rome, the Greek Islands and stops in Turkey, one of my favorite stops was Ephesus in Turkey, [we] walked the ruins where the apostle Paul walked. I loved visiting Copenhagen in Denmark where the people were so friendly. Paris is a favorite; I love the sidewalk pastries and big parks for strolling. Great art museums and crème brûlée are wonderful. For a relaxing vacation, I love Hawaii. The air just smells and feels heavenly there. The beaches and water are perfect for snorkeling or just relaxing. The flowers and vegetation are beautiful. I’ve also had great family vacations to Washington D.C. and New York City with [my] grandchildren [and we have] great memories. We saw Wicked on Broadway, visited the US Capitol, and strolled in Central Park. Riding the subways was fun too.” Sometimes, when you hear all the places others have been to, it makes you want to go to those places. Ted Kibler, who lives in Colorado, explained, “We went to Hawaii; that was fun. [We went] snorkeling, whale watching, [a] dinner cruise [and] bike ride, and general walking around towns and checking out shops and restaurants. [I have] been to Disneyland and World, both were fun. A good vacation is whatever you like to do, and the cost will vary. Vacations are fun just to get away from the normal everyday stuff and you don’t have to think about work, chores, and school.” Everyone has a unique perspective of why they like a certain place.