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Teens taking responsibility for actions at parties

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Brianna West

Messenger Staff Writer


The topic of teen parties conjures up mixed emotions. Ranging from expectations of fun times to fear that the participants may engage in unhealthy and dangerous activities.

Individuals my age Freshmen, or even a little bit older should be given the opportunity to have some fun, and party with their friends, although I believe, If we are given this opportunity we have to be able to take the responsibility for the actions that they take during the event. It’s important that you feel comfortable at the party, just because your friends are there you need to always take care of yourself because in the end you’re the one responsible for your what you do.

“I don’t think age really matters, were all high schoolers” stated Bradford Darling who thought younger individuals such as freshmen, sophomores is appropriate to go to parties with upperclassmen. When asked if he thought going to parties was safe, he replied moderately safe.

28 percent of teens reported that alcohol and other drugs are the common feature of private parties, encouraging the over consumption of alcohol. Alcohol contributes to one third of the pregnancies in 14 to 21 year olds.

“Parties are important to learn how to interact socially, but I’m concerned about what takes place at the parties,  I think it is very important that there are responsible adults present, and I don’t mean the 21 year old brother or sister. Also it needs to be alcohol and drug free, kids going to parties should not be put in harm’s way” quoted Diane Clark, grandmother of student at Placer High school.

Studies have shown that developing social skills independence and confidence are definitely a part of attending parties this goes along with expanding friendship groups, planning skills, and test their decision making skills.

“I would say it really does not matter about their ages” was the response of Monica Encarnacion, a freshmen from Placer High School, when asked if partying with other ages was important.  When questioned if anything uncomfortable has come to her while at a party she replied “Yes, a random guy came up to me and asked me out and to dance with him, he looked in his early thirties, I replied with a no and after the situation I was really creeped out but other than that everything has been pretty fun and safe” was the response of Monica Encarnacion.

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Teens taking responsibility for actions at parties