Powderpuff theme creates controversy on & off the field

Story by Jamie Erickson, Messenger Staff Writer


The Annual Powder Puff game at Placer High School is a crazy football game where senior boys and girls trade places , boys are cheerleaders, and the girls are football players.The ladies need team names and the boys need someone to cheer for! So many choices to choose from Cowboys and Indians, Bros and Hicks, or even Cavemen and robots? No, Trolls and Fairies. I’m not saying thats a terrible theme, but some people would beg to differ.

“Powder Puff is a great way for all of Placer to really come together as a school, and everyone has fun and enjoys it.” says Placer High Senior Riley Beames. “Even If you’re not in the game, its entertainment thats priceless.” With all the disagreement Beames finds a way to keep a positive attitude.

Expressing her feelings about the choice of theme Terra Erickson , Placer High Senior said, “The theme is a big part in why Powderpuff is so fun, and I just don’t think that being a troll is a positive thing and there were so many other ideas that they could have gone with, I liked Bros and Hicks.”

There is also a Placer High School Class of 2014 Facebook page,where seniors can post schedules, game photos anything they please on that page. Many ideas were posted by seniors. There were really good ideas on there and so many choices to choose from, and not once was trolls and fairies mentioned. What I am wondering and most likely many other students is were the ideas given out on the page even considered? What was wrong with them? These questions should be answered because us students, especially the Seniors, have a right to know why all the ideas were turned down. And even know i’m only a freshman I will be playing this game 3 years from now and I hope I don’t run into the same problem.

Another senior explained what she thought about the situation, “We felt like we were given a voice, we were given this power, and it was just taken away.” When you give someone a voice, and they feel so great because they have it, it isn’t right to take it from them.

Keeping a positive attitude Erickson says, “Even though we can’t all agree on the theme names, the game is always fun, and I hope in the following years you have great ideas and better luck!” Even though we can’t all agree,I can’t wait for the game, the cheerleaders are going to be outstanding, and the players will be great!