Compared to Arkansas, Californians have nothing to complain about.

Story by Madison Hernandez, Messenger Staff Writer

I recently moved here from Rogers, Arkansas and realized there are many differences between the two regions. I would like to take this time to let you know how great you have it here in California.

Too many people often take for granted the life they are provided here. If you think life is rough living in California complaining about the heat, lack of activities, or any other negative thoughts, then take a trip to Arkansas and you are guaranteed to have a different perspective on the environment you have.

Do you ever complain about it being too hot to bear? Well the temperature in Arkansas during the summer not only reaches about 113 degrees everyday, but it also comes with about 70 to eighty 80 humidity. Your summer break options would be swimming all day to cool off or inside with the air-conditioning doing nothing. You should also feel very privileged with the dress code freedom at school while the weather is still hot, because attendees of Arkansas schools are required to wear their shorts to their knees, and no sagging of the clothes whatsoever no matter how hot the temperature is.

It’s no exaggeration when I say if you want to do something that qualifies as fun, you would have to travel about thirty miles there and the same amount back. Once you had narrowed down your choice to the “fun” activities, it was either the mall that consisted of, at most, five stores, or you could choose the entertaining Arkansas ritual known as “Throw and Run”. Throw and Run consisted of a bag full of animals manure and you would throw it on people’s doorstep for sheer joy; however, the manure could sometimes end up on yourself. The activities here in California such as biking, skiing, movies, shopping, and so much more should be looked upon with astonishment when compared to Arkansas’ astounding “five store” shopping mall.

Furthermore, sports should never be taken for granted. In California, there are specific lanes for a bike to ride in, trail’s made for just hiking or just mountain biking, and almost every other sport, and that’s all provided right in high school. Go to Arkansas and you’ll find the only sports to do are the main ones such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, and track. Then there was the preferred sport loved by all us Arkansas hillbillies, known as mud-running. Mud-running was a qualified sport in Arkansas with referees, where you would build you own “monster” truck, then drive through a pit of mud to see how far you could make it through. It definitely consisted of nothing educational, and had no impact on helping your future, but hey, if you live in Arkansas that’s the way to go huh?

For everyone who looks at California with a frown upon their faces, I encourage you to take a second look to realize how good you actually have. You’ve got it all from nice weather, to sports, and just extra activities for fun. If you’re still having troubles seeing the advantages of living in California, then I suggest a nice trip down to Arkansas where you will find yourself coming back to California feeling the appreciation of being in a good place to call home.