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School in Texas bans all clubs in leiu of GSA

A ban on all extracurricular clubs seems like a harsh way to deny a Texas student’s request for a new club on a high school campus.

 A Flour Bluff High School senior, Bianca “Nikki” Peet, proposed starting a Gay-Straight Alliance at her high school; instead of politely denying her request, Superintendent Julie Carbajal canceled all club activities.

Frustrated observers argue that by refusing students the opportunity to form a Gay-Straight Alliance, the school district is violating the Equal Access Act; this law states that federally funded schools must provide equal access to extracurricular clubs. Since the legislation’s creation, gay-rights supporters have used the law to protect the formation of Gay-Straight Alliances all over the country.

To some people at Placer High School, 1928.8 miles away, this looks like a sneaky way to get out of a potentially uncomfortable situation.

“There is no way this is fair,” criticized freshman, Mason Taylor, GSA member and supporter. “GSA helps more than it harms, it gives people a safe environment where they can be themselves.”

Texas is notorious as a state adamant to change. It is rumored that the majority of the Texas population is not supportive of the gay society and maybe even vicious toward it. If this is truly the case, then instituting a Gay-Straight Alliance on a Texas high school campus could be potentially dangerous.

“That’s a hard situation to be in,” said sophomore, Chaileen Smith. “I don’t think she hates gays; it’s Texas, and there might have been problems at the school. GSA is a great idea but some people have problems with it.”

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes often held meetings on their Flour Bluff High School campus. However, a new crack down on an old policy that the GSA denial rekindled forced the club to meet elsewhere. The Texas high school district approved a policy in 2005 that prohibited student clubs from meeting on campus if they were not tied to the curriculum. Only clubs linked exclusively with the school’s agenda are to be allowed on campus.

Julie Carbajal used this law to deny the GSA’s formation, what’s strange is her cancelation of the clubs already meeting on the campus. When asked if a scenario like this were to play out on Placer High School’s campus, students became defensive and a little angry at the thought.

Taylor said he would be upset and angry and do all he could to change the unfair situation, but others are sympathizing with the superintendent and her tough situation.

“That would make a lot of students angry, but if it was for the benefit of the school, I guess I would understand,” Smith added. “Like if the drama department was canceled so that sports could continue, I’d be really upset but I get it.”

The superintendent is no doubt being criticized for her decision, but her decision would have caused problems either way.

“I think she could have communicated better,” stated Smith. “She could offer those kids support and encourage them to meet off campus, somewhere in the community. I think she cares and is thinking of the good of the children but she shouldn’t have punished the rest of the student body.”

Perhaps Carbajal was protecting the students, but punishing the student body to hide her awkwardness and uncomfortable standpoint seems sneaky and underhanded. The American society is growing more diverse and those people who refuse to get on board are going to find themselves in those uncomfortable situations.

Overall, Carbajal made a strong decision that impacted a great number of people, whether it was justified or selfish is up for debate. The fact remains that students at Placer High School love their extracurricular activities; students are ready and willing to take a stand if they feel their rights are being violated.

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