Local clubs give out scholarships to Placer High students


Photo credit: Courtesy Soroptimist International of Auburn

Soroptimist member, Kristi Maclntosh, gives Placer High student scholarship

Story by Rylee Yetka, Messenger Staff Writer

     Every year local associations give out scholarships for students that apply in the Placer Union High School District.

     Clubs such as Kiwanis, Auburn Gold Country Rotary, Newcastle Community Association, Soroptimist International of Auburn, and Lion’s club give out scholarships to Placer High students. 

     “There are approximately 85 local scholarships available to Placer High students, last year, to the class of 2021 local clubs gave out $163,000,” explained career counselor, Theresa Pearson. “Kids who don’t apply are just leaving money on the table, and the clubs that give scholarships want lots of kids to apply, they don’t want to only look at two applications.” 

     Different clubs have different things they are looking for in students applying. On these applications, students list achievements and extra-curriculars.

     Lots of local organizations have special scholarships named after past members of their clubs and some scholarships based on financial need. 

     “Soroptimist International of Auburn gives out at least five scholarships to Placer High school students which include three $3,000 scholarships for the Marion Glover Award, and that award is based on grade point average, involvement in sports, the community, activities, and financial need,” said Soroptimist International of Auburn treasurer, Jeanette Yetka.

     Students from all different background in the Placer Union High School District can apply, but some scholarships only pertain to certain types of students. 

     “Some scholarships only apply to certain people, like a Del Oro senior, or a Placer High senior who is a female, some will apply to only a Placer High athlete,” explained Pearson. 

     Not all scholarships are based on academic accomplishments, some are also based on home life circumstances.

     “Our club has been giving out scholarships since 1949, that’s when our club was started,” stated Yetka, “We also give out our Perseverance Award, which is at least one $1,000 scholarship, that one is based on financial needs and personal circumstances, if a family member is ill, a parent lost their job, or single parents.” 

     The problem is not many students are aware of the opportunity that they have to help with college and don’t even apply. 

     “Less students than you would think are applying actually apply, we might have the same 30 students applying for all 85 scholarships. Students should know not to count themselves out, think of any little thing that you have done for community service, such as helping a neighbor carry their groceries in or mowing someone’s lawn for them when they were sick, or donating. Every little thing adds up and enhances your application. I think all too often students count themselves out, they just think I haven’t done enough, or I don’t have enough to say, but all those things are what clubs want to hear about,” expressed Pearson. 

     Hundreds of thousands of dollars are given out to students per year from local associations, Placer high students have this opportunity that needs to be taken advantage of. Applications for the class of 2022 are expired now with them being due by the end of March.