Local businesses share thoughts on student behavior at lunch

Story by Allyson Mickel, Editor-in-Chief

Every day at Placer, students get released for open campus lunch. Students go around downtown and old town Auburn looking for a local business to eat lunch and relax. Teenagers in this time and age have a bad reputation for being rowdy and disrespectful. However, how do Placer Highs’ students behave in our beloved local businesses?

Most Placer students like sophomore Lainey Black have stated that “it’s a fifty, fifty chance on whether or not placer students are respectful.” Black has also stated that  “either they are kind and respectful or rude and leave a mess.” Black regularly goes to Baked and Brewed, a coffee shop in downtown Auburn. Many students go here during the lunch rush. The shop is always crowded and students are lining up out the door during lunch. This small coffee shop is very respected in Auburn but, are the students treating them right? “Other than the mess that is usually left over and the loud chatter, our Placer students are kind and appreciative of their food,” said junior Kelly Cannedy.

Taco Tree is another popular lunch choice at Placer, due to its distance, cheap prices, and amazing food. “There is a big mess constantly left after lunch and many problems with some students who don’t treat the workers with respect. Many students in all classes have been told not to throw food but this has become a problem.” sophomore Lina Accaria has stated. 

Megan Ericcson, a worker at The Nectar Cafe, has stated “We have never had a problem here with Placer students. Most of the kids that come in here are usually more on the shy side. But very respectful. We love their business.”  

The owner of Local Heroes, Lisa Swisly has stated that “most students are respectful. However, students have been stealing every single ketchup packet almost every day, causing us to not put them out anymore during the Placer lunch rush.” Is this a sign of disrespect or does someone just really like ketchup?

Tangos the frozen yogurt shop located in downtown Auburn has many students who come in daily during lunch for a delicious treat. Barbra Black, the main lunch rush employee has stated “Students in the past years have been disrespectful but this year the students are great. I love seeing them here every day. No problems whatsoever!”