Covid 19 athletic restrictions eased allowing some high school sports to begin

No word on indoor sports and football.


Story by Rachel Edwards, Staff Writer

After nearly a year of Covid-related high school sports cancellations, Placer High School started select practices last month.

High school sports schedules were disrupted in 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions. As California state regulations for Covid safety evolved, California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) rescheduled sports seasons to 2020-2021. CIF designated two seasons with Season 1 spanning January through April and Season 2 running March through June.  “I am beyond excited to give these kids an opportunity to play. A shortened season would be a tremendous payoff,” said football head coach Joey Montoya.

Students who are remote or on campus can participate in sports if they are eligible. Due to Covid-19 restrictions ,they can play multiple sports and also play club sports.  

“ I…feel like they (CIF) should let us play multiple sports because of the overlapping of fall, winter, and spring sports happening this year,” said Zoe Moeller, a multi-sport athlete. 

Season 1 sports have already commenced with the additional sports that were moved from the fall. Season 1 sports includes: Football, Cross Country, Volleyball, Alpine Ski, and Snowboard. Practices began in December and competition began in February. Season 2 practice starts in February and March. Season 2 sports include: Baseball, Softball, Track, Swimming, Golf, Basketball, Wrestling, and Soccer.

The CIF issued state-wide guidelines on their website specifying safe practice and competition for schools. The CIF guidelines dictate safe practices in the following areas; mask wearing, social distancing, limited competitions, pre and post-game safety procedures.  The State of California uses a four-tier color-coded system that describes county Covid risk. Depending on the sport and county Tier status, Placer High School teams will be able to compete. Placer Country is currently in the most restrictive purple tier. Season One sports are allowed to play when in the purple Tier. Season 2 sports, scheduled to start in March, are dependent on Placer County getting to Orange or Red tier.  If the county does not get to either than those sports will likely not play. 

The CIF guidelines have real impact on students. The football players have been practicing under these rules for 60 days. “We have been following the county’s guidelines and all of the players and coaches are in masks” said Montoya.

Placer High coaches are excited for resuming the upcoming seasons. Jordan Walker, the new girls tennis coach, said, “It is my first year as a coach… I am excited to see what league we are in and getting to know my players”.  When asked how this season is going to be different, Walker said, “Trying to find that balance of coaching the whole team and giving everyone a good experience, that will be a little different”. 

“Everythings about this season is different. We all have lost something, but these kids have had incredible resolve and perseverance,” added Montoya.